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The butcher block chronicles

Just wanted to write a quick update on what’s been going on lately.  As of right now, I am still in the multi-step process of taking care of these breast tumors, slowly but surely inching my way toward the lumpectomy to remove them.

I’ll just call this recent surgery Step 1 and go from there:

Step 1: Have surgery to remove the magnets from my cochlear implants on either side of my head. I did NOT hop onto the butcher block (operating table) thinking that this was going to be a “big deal.”  In fact, I had only planned to take the night of surgery and the day after surgery off to rest.  HA! Too funny. Really. After a hectic week of getting the house cleaned, the laundry done, the sheets on our beds and his crib washed and replaced; cooking enough meals for 3-4 days, writing out Nathan’s routines, pre-fixing all of his meals, coordinating childcare, and shaving the hair above the incision site, I finally arrived to the hospital after being unable to eat or drink per doc’s orders from midnight until 4pm the day of surgery.  I changed into my gown, gave the required fluid samples, I stuck out my arm and received hefty needle in my arm for the IV.  I checked on Nathan via text repeatedly to help diffuse my nervous tension.  Finally I was wheeled back and my very charismatic surgeon walked back to the OR along side me.  I joked with him and requested extra “fluffs” (surgical dressings) to make me look pitiful enough so that I could take the following day off. Turns out that it was not needed. After joking around with the OR staff and surgeons, I received the medication to knock me out and then woke up a few hours later in recovery.  As usual, with every single surgery that I have ever had, I awoke feeling totally relaxed and rested- then the pain hit me and I started to panic a little. My right side felt pretty good, about like a bad scalp lac.  My left side however, felt like someone was trying to drive a very fat nail through my skull. My neck and shoulders were killing me. In short- I felt like I had been hit by a bus. A big bus.

Anyhow….the next few days were pretty miserable and then I started to feel almost back to normal about a week later.

Step 2 & 3: have brain and breast MRI. I forgot to mention that I had to have the magnets removed from my implants because the MRI machine itself is a giant magnet which is a couple of hundred times more powerful than the earth’s magnetic field.  If you toss metal into the room while the MRI scanner is running, the MRI scanner will quickly pull the metal tightly to it’s coils. A thin layer of skin is no match for such forces. So my magnets were removed.

Due to the hospital’s busy MRI schedule, I have to have two separate MRIs, one to check for a benign brain tumor, the other to give the surgeon a very clear picture of my breast tumors so that she can plan on how she wants to remove them. These will occur next week on Monday and Wednesday, respectively. A little nervous about this, times two.  I still have a lot of metal in my head to reckon with and the skin which will feel the magnetic pull has just been operated on.

Step 4: Have the lumpectomy surgery and recover

Step 5: Have my magnets put back in place and recover.

Step 6: Plan on having a crazy-fun night out with the hubby and friends to celebrate the end of this ridiculous affair with the butcher block.  We deserve it. 🙂


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