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Butcher block chronicles part II

This will be a very short post.  I had an appointment with my breast cancer surgeon bright and (way too) early this morning.  Dr. Jennifer is phenomenal by the way, as is her Nurse, S. The hubby went with me.I cannot say enough how glad/relieved I am that my mother-in-law (Mom) is here.

So…MRI revealed an abnormality in my right breast, which will be biopsied/excision biopsied via a wire-guided MRI procedure.  Basically I’ll be laying sunny side up on an MRI table while the radiologists guides a thin wire throughout the abnormal areas which will get sampled. After this procedure, which I’ll be wide awake for, I’ll be wheeled up VIP-style to the butcher block room where I’ll be knocked out and operated on.

On the left breast, the big (benign) tumor is getting cut out and the baby tumor is getting excision biopsied as well. The biopsy results should arrive on Friday. Did I mention how glad I am that my mom in law is here? Just making sure. Cause I really, really am. I simply could not go through this miserable experience without her presence.

We discussed various options. I am awaiting on my BRCA 1/2 breast cancer gene tests.  If the biopsies are negative for cancer, but I have the BC gene, then she suggests either a breast cancer preventive medication, or a preemptive double mastectomy and possible ovary removal, or, if we are particularly hell-bent on making sure I am around to see my grandchildren one day, then we’ll do a combination of both.  She listed reasons for them, among others there is a concern because unless I want to be deaf as a doornail for the rest of my booby toting life, then I will have to strongly consider how to solve the MRI/cochlear implant magnet problem since it is recommended that those patients have regular MRI check-ups.  If Friday’s results are positive, then I will immediately repeat the butcher block/being knocked out routine for more surgery, most likely a double mastectomy with reconstruction and maybe ovary removal as well.

I am only 28.

We still want to have one more child, whom I planned on nursing.

It is a lot to think about. I am choosing to think positive, because I know I am in good hands.


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