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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Language and our 18-month old

I have tried to make sure that I take the time to sit down and record Nathan’s development for future reference. Feel free to skip over the particular post .

At last count, a few months ago, he could say around 30 words and sign about half that amount. His newest SIGNS are:

THINK, EYE, NOSE,MOUTH, EAR, HEAR, SAY,CHAIR,SIT, ALARM/BEEP, STAR,SOCK, THERE and some other signs which are not clear enough yet for me to understand. One of them looks like he is trying to sign BANANA.

His newest verbal words are:

Diaper, Chair, There, Beep, Glasses, glass, apple, baby doll, flower, window, blankee, binky, computer, TV, BB, Poppy (for Pop-pop, his grandfather), Pee-ew!, see?, yummy!, night-night, bath, banana,cup, stop, spoon, hit, sit, eye, ear, and some other words which I cannot decipher because as I mentioned before, I am deaf as a doornail.

The words that I can’t understand look like this:

boppy, baper (paper?),  Obay (Okay?), bopper, and some others.

He recently started climbing onto the couches/recliner. His favorite thing to do is to is to gather the nececcessities,  (toy laptop, Binky, blankee, maybe his cup) and climb onto the recliner where he happily plays for extended periods of time.  He is definitely a technology whiz just like his daddy.

He understands counting to three as long as there’s an object that he can touch as he counts off the numbers. He gets upset if you skip a number.

He is very tidy with everything except for his toys. He puts his cup on the counter when he is done drinking or brings it to us. If he takes out pans or bowls to play with, he’ll carefully stack them and put them back. If he has one that he can’t get to stay put, he’ll fuss and then put it on the counters for us to put back later. In many ways, he behaves more like a 4-year-old. When we take him to play on playgrounds, all the other kids of all ages run around, climb, jump,  and act very hyper compared to him. Nathan walks carefully around, stopping to study how the kids are playing. When the coast is clear, he’ll slowly approach said toy (slide, climber) and try to climb it himself. If kids violate his personal space without his permission, he will back up or gently push their hands away from him as he backs up. He never steals toys, hits, shoves, or violate anyone elses space. If he wants to play with someone, he’ll approach them and wait until he makes eye contact gets their approval before joining them. Mostly, he just prefers to play with “intellectual” types of toys such as the tablets and vertical mazes on the walls of indoor play spaces.

Something else that he does, which I find alarming for safety reasons, is that he tries to find ways to communicate what he wants to eat to us. If he sees a package in the trash with food that he wants that we threw away, he will fetch it out of the trash an bring it to us saying, “See?” and signing that he wants to eat that food. He did this with a banana peel, oven french fry bag, cereal bar, ect. I am considering making a picture chart for him to point out what he wants to eat., hoping that this will end his digging in the trash ways and still allow him to carry out his goal.

He is (thankfully) very focused on whatever task he has on hand. He loves conquering challenges. For example, he has a set of flashcards with pictures which I use for teaching him signs. He will sit there and insist that I go through each and every one of them over and over. When he gets to his favorites, he will sign or speak the word. He also has a shape-sorter and will do it over and over again until he gets it right. The boy is still in diapers at a year and a half old and I swear he is like an old soul or something, or just very bright.




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