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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Nathan’s First Crush

Earlier this week I had to go to the surgeon’s about a complication. Nathan and C came with me.  Dr. M walked in the room and lets just say that I had NO idea that a 18-month old could have a crush on someone. It was…wow…see for yourself:

Symptoms of of 18-month old with a crush:

  • Loss of speech: She enters the room and all of a sudden the cat got his tongue. He cannot take his eyes off of her, not even when I offer him my iPhone. He doesn’t even appear to see the iPhone.
  • Slack jawed and drooling: I kid you not, the moment he saw her, he stopped his pacifier and the thing fell out of his mouth! He didn’t even notice that he lost his binky. I swear I saw a little drool as well, although to be fair it may have been from the binky itself.
  • Sudden shyness: I try to entice him to speak, and try to get him to say the word Apple, which is usually fail-proof. He glances at me briefly, barely whispers the word, and then tries to hide his face.
  • Giggling: Dr. M, being a mother herself, started signing a book to him. She did a belly tickle and he giggled. Not only that, but he blushed! He giggled, blushed, and hid his face again.
  • Can’t bear to be apart: When she had to leave the room, he got upset and kept trying to wiggle out of his stroller to go after his new lady-friend.

I don’t think there is anything cuter than a toddler in love. I am actually glad of his heterosexual inclinations and very good taste to boot.  Dr. M is not much older than me and has young ones herself and is very, very good with kids.  She’s pretty, funny, extremely intelligent, successful, and is as nice as she can be. And…she wears glasses! He can not only say but also sign the word, so you can bet that he’s pretty hot on folks with glasses right now.  I just hope he maintains his taste in whom he likes well into adulthood. If so, I will end up with a fabulous daughter-in-law one day.

[He also fell head-over heels in love with balloons this weekend. Not sure what that is all about.]

As it is, I joked with Dr. M and told her to inform her hubby that she now has a younger, sweet, smart, very handsome young man competing for her affections. 🙂


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