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Since I have zero energy, I find myself surfing decorating blogs and frankly drooling over how beautiful some of their homes are. One thing that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile is to refinish some of my furniture.  I adore the french country/shabby chic beauty of well-loved furniture pieces.  I even refinished a table for Nathan as an experiment and really loved doing it.

One thing that I would like to do is to refinish/re-stain my kitchen table and make french seat covers for my chairs.  I found this DIY lesson Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and her table is actually exactly how I want to stain mine.  She did a glaze/distressed look on everything but the table top. For the table top, she did a deep walnut stain and I LOVE how warm and inviting everything looks. She did an amazing job, see for yourself:

Also on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog, she features a cane back chair with a cover, and my chairs are also cane-backed:

I LOVE the compact, french secretary desk! It is really the perfect solution for folks like myself who want to have a writing/couponing/laptop desk in a main living area without it looking completely out of place. So…I went on Craigslist and fell in love with a gorgeous vintage secretary. I have contacted the owner/seller and if I can get this desk then I won’t have to use our kitchen table as a desk anymore. Yay!

Anyhow…I have NO idea how in the world these women find the time and energy to maintain their gorgeous homes. As I look at all of their pictures, I can’t help but to wonder where they are storing their kid’s toys at???  I would love to find a pretty storage unit of some kind to store Nathan’s toys in when they are not in use.  Anyhow…I will try to update on house projects as I do them soon.

As for other ideas, this picture featured on Velvet and Lini’s blog is sort-of in line with what I want to do in our bedroom. I already have the bed coverings and chair. I just need to find curtains and consider how to paint over a textured feaux finish to achieve the serene, peaceful retreat that I prefer:


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