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2 Week Wait. Oh Joy. (Will update until end of cycle)

Can’t you just feel my excitement? :-/ For those who are hoping to conceive, the two weeks between ovulation and the end of a cycle are NOT fun. The more you want to be preggers, the more you scrutinize every single twinge and cramp hoping and praying that it means that a little bun is making its way to the oven.

A crash course for those who are not familiar with fertility lingo:

  • A females cycle is around 28 days. Day one, called cycle day one (CD1) is the first day of her period.
  •  Around cycle day 14 (CD14), or about a week after her period finishes, ovulation occurs where the egg is released and she enters her fertility period.  This is when she can conceive.
  • There are tests called ovulation prediction tests (OPK) which can tell you when you have a LH surge and are about to ovulate.
  • Implantation is when the embryo implants into the uterus and occurs around 6-12 days post ovulation. Signs include: slight spotting way before a period is due, menstrual-like cramps that can be on one side or the other or both, or no signs at all.
  •  The time between ovulation/possible conception and the time when she expects either a positive pregnancy test or the start of her next period is the awful time called the 2 Week Wait (2ww).

What’s been mind-boggling to me is that since last night, around 6-7 days post ovulation (dpo), I have been having these strong menstrual like cramps but only on my left side near where the ovary is.  I recall having this exact pain when I was around 4-9 week with Nathan, and at 4 weeks with the second pregnancy.  Here’s the kicker though: I am on progesterone support during the 2ww, and one of the potential side effects is cramping. Ugh.

However, cramping is also a sign of very early pregnancy and pregnancy in general. It is usually attributed to implantation and/or the uterus stretching already.  The thing is that I have been on progesterone during other cycles and NEVER had this kind of pain unless I conceived.

These are my other 3 week pregnancy symptoms which may also be attributed or exaggerated by the progesterone:

  • 4-5 dpo: fatigue, slight evening nausea, moody, 2 am eating, possible slight cramp
  • 5-6 dpo: fatigue, slight evening nausea, moody, 2am eating, definite cramping on left side only
  • 6-7 dpo: major fatigue, strong cramping on left side, very nauseous in evening and at night, can’t stand the smell of chicken, vivid dreams, slightly out of breath, slight hot flashes, dizziness, belly growls a lot.
  • 7 dpo: very, very light positive result on pregnancy test in less than a minute! (Fingers crossed)
  • 7-8 dpo: within a few hours of taking the positive test, I came down with sudden flu-like symptoms with very high fever and lower GI issues well into the next day.
  • 8 dpo: took another test of the same brand, this time it was negative, but a ovulation tests was positive. I really, really hope getting sick didn’t cause me to have another miscarriage/chemical pregnancy. It’s so frustrating. I def do not feel pregnant today with the exception of my hands being warmer, which never happens, esp when dehydrated. Sighs.
  • 8-9 dpo: Spotting, likely further implanting.  +++ pregnancy test! I guess the little bean is still hanging on. 🙂  Today I had bad nausea and could not eat or drink even with zofran for nausea. I hope I am not heading toward hyperemesis again.
  • 9dop: slightly darker +++ pregnancy test! Feeling Started having strong vinegar cravings. Nausea is better today, though it started kicking in again in the evening time.

I always start having pregnancy symptoms the 3rd week of pregnancy.  I am just very, very sensitive to hormones.  But I guess it could just be due to the progesterone. I really need to stop driving myself crazy over this so that I do not feel disappointed if I do not have a positive outcome this time around.  The 2ww really is super-irritating though. Hmm…isn’t irrataion a sign of pregnancy??? There I go again…

Oh, and here are some more examples of very early pregnancy symptoms listed by days post ovulation (dpo):



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