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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Random Updates

I was just watching the news today about how pedophiles are visiting the children’s section in public libraries.  That is so alarming to me that us parents can take our children right into harms way by simply bringing them to the public library.  The thought terrifies me. I am already very watchful when I am with my son in public and keep a close eye out for potentially dangerous situations and weirdos lurking around. Still though…a library? Really? I had NO idea that this was even an issue.  I have, however, seen creepy old men “walking their dogs” repeatedly around children’s play areas in public parks.  Even with keeping a close eye out, its hard to know innocent people from pedophiles.  I mean, when you think of monsters and you never think of a nice, clean-cut middle-aged man walking a dog, you know?  It is so scary and slightly overwhelming to think of all of the dangers lurking around in the world waiting to harm our precious little ones.  Sometimes I feel like all I can do is watch him and the situations he is in like a hawk, pray for protection, and listen to my instincts since it is far better being safe than sorry.

Also, I am a little concerned because all of the Joplin, Missouri tornado storm system is making its way over here. The tornado sirens have already been going off and the main storm hasn’t even hit us yet. The scary part is that we are both deaf and so if we are asleep then we cannot hear the sirens going off or see any warnings on TV.  It makes me so nervous especially for Nathan because we are supposed to keep him safe.  So tonight C is going to stay awake a little longer until the first sirens go off and then we will huddle downstairs together and pray for safety.

Anyhow, Friday is my cochlear implant surgery to have my magnets placed back in.  I am not looking forward to post-op pain, however, I am looking forward to hearing all of the new words my son says in his sweet little voice of his.  I am especially looking forward to laughter and how he tries to copy how we speak.  I will be sure to post later about how life is being able to hear him and all of the sounds and words that he say.

Tomorrow is a long day, and today was very long as well.  I’ve been in a rush to get things done now so that I can rest after surgery and not have to worry about things.  One thing we have to do tomorrow is to check into the hotel.  My surgery is ridiculously early Friday morning (6am) and since no one can keep Nathan and Chris is sick, I didn’t think that waking up at 4:45am to drive an hour up there for surgery and leaving a sick father to take care of an off-schedule toddler in the hospital waiting room.  Both of them will need naps and C is not able to keep his eyes on Nathan at all times for several hours during my surgery. Plus, I wouldn’t want them there anyways.  Our solution?  A hotel room near the hospital. The plan is to check in tomorrow afternoon. They have an indoor pool so today I bought Nathan a life-vest bodysuit to wear so we can go to the pool together and swim tomorrow.  🙂

Friday morning, the plan is for us to all wake up and then C will drop me off at the hospital for my surgery. Then he and Nathan will head back to the hotel room and stay there until it is time to check out. This will allow them to take naps, eat, and let Nathan play and yell all he wants in the room. They can even go swimming if they are up for it after eating a free breakfast.  I should be ready to go home not long after the 11am check-out time, so it works out really well.

I have a million things to do tomorrow so I am going to go to bed. Goodnight! 🙂


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