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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Kings Island Trip

This past week Nathan and I met a friend and her little guy at a Kings Island, which is a combination of a nice amusement park and a separate, but connected, water park called Boomerang Bay. We actually bought season passes to the place, and I’m so very excited for this summer.  It is about an hour away, however, I really don’t mind the drive and it gives Nathan a chance to nap on the way there and back.

We arrived and went straight to boomerang bay. I didn’t bring my camera because it was my first time there and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I will be sure to take/post pictures some other time. I did find some from the online website. Anyhow, we quickly found a super-cute kiddie section which includes a very gradually sloping, non-slip bay and little waterfall props.

At one point, in between his attempts to steal various wagons along the poolside, he actually did go into the bay to play with the gysers in the picture above. The water was so cold though so he wasn’t really into it. He did however, make it his personal mission to let every single adult know that the water is cold. He did this by walking up to them, tapping their legs, and when they looked down he would say, “WAH-door, (insert signs for RIGHT THERE, pointing at water) it COOOOLLLD!” They, of course, smiled and said thank you and he said, “Thank you” right back to them. (Pats self on back).

We didn’t get to try the other rides/attractions at boomerang bay because the water was so cold.

Instead, we decided to head on over to Kings Island, which is kind-of like Six flags. The weather was warm but cloudy so it was perfect for us. We went on several rides. One that he liked is called the Whirly Bird and features independent helicopter cars which mom and child ride on a suspended track with a nice view of the park. He really likes it.

Something that we both really enjoyed was riding their train.  It is adult-sized and goes along a scenic track and shuttles folks in between the two parks.  It passes through a little mock town, through the woods, under roller coasters, and by a little lake and river. You can ride it as a shuttle as I mentioned or just ride it as a round trip.  While waiting for the ride, Nathan befriended a very gregarious little 5-year old boy and his shy older 9-year old sister. They kept him entertained during the 10 minute wait and I was tickled pink.  I mean, how often does a tired, hungry toddler manage to sit still on a bench for 10 whole minutes? I was so delighted at this feat that I almost did my Happy Dance right then and there.

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