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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Heavenly Nights

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. I do not mean that life was perfect, not by a long shot. There were dishes in the sink, a huge basket of clothes to fold, and toys all over the living room. I had spent the morning trying to rehydrate so that I at least could walk around without feeling like I was going to pass out. But the evening was perfect, and let me tell you why…

The things that matter most in my life, my son and husband, and I were all together as a family.  We were sitting together in the living room after eating dinner.  My husband was in a really good mood, a weekday rarity:

Nathan was thriving in his father’s positive energy and attention, as was I:

And those two played, oh how they played! Their smiles and laughter filled my heart up until it was overflowing with love for these two:

My husband smiled as my little boy and I snuggled and giggled. I stole a million kissies from Nathan, and in return Nathan stole my heart:

I pretended to eat Nathan’s foot, saying how sweet his little foot is, and he laughed until his little belly hurt and then we laughed some more:

Moments like these remind me that happiness comes from within. That we can feel happy and make the most of our time together even on weekdays and when the house isn’t clean.  Because the important things in life, my son and husband and I being together, is what life is really all about. Nothing more, nothing less. Just us.

I want my heaven to be just like this. I know that when I see the sun set for the last time on my life way down the road, that I will recall this moment in perfect clarity.  My husband’s radiant smile, my son’s sweet kissies and laughter, the absolute bliss and love that I felt for my family.


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One thought on “Heavenly Nights

  1. Ma Hearn on said:

    How wonderful. Nothing is more precious than this!

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