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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Making progress!

I’ve been really busy lately trying to check off my insane to-do list.  This weekend I weeded and pruned enough to fill the back of a pick-up truck.  I’m working on putting down weed block and new mulch in all of my ornamental garden beds.  The weather has been perfect for it. Very little humidity and under 80 degrees.  Perfect!

I’m also painting the entire downstairs and all the trim in the house.  The previous owners did not leave any information about what paint color they used on the trim, or so I thought. Then while cleaning out the garage I found a can without a label on it and inside was very old paint.  I thinned it with mineral spirits, applied it to a small section of trim, and it matched! There was no way to tell the brand/color/shine so I just painted some white paper and brought it into the paint store. They were able to use a computer to match the paint. I made sure to write the exact paint color/number/brand and the items painted these colors onto the inside of our built-in storage unit for future reference. No more mystery colors for us or future owners. Now I have a whole gallon of matching trim paint!

I also had a gallon of paint called French Grey that I am painting downstairs. I wanted to paint our bedroom and bathroom that color, but with all the light in those rooms, it just was too bright and cool.  It wasn’t the soothing, unstimulating blue color that I was going for.  So I used a warmer blue color and mixed several variations of the color.  I painted several walls to see how the light would affect it and slept with it for a few days. I finally settled on one of my colors, and then painted it on to white paper and had the color matched.  It is a really pretty sage-blue grey color like this:

I’ll post before-after pictures when I’m done.

As for the texture of the faux finish in the bedroom/bathroom, I found that the texture on the walls was not really visible under the paint.  I did however need to wipe down the walls because the paint gathered lint on it.  The few specks of faux paint that needed to be removed I can easily sand off.  HUGE relief there. I thought I was going to have to sand the entire two rooms.

I am thinking about making my own shower curtain again, simply because for the life of me I cannot find the right one.  I’ve considered sewing ruffles along the bottom of a drop cloth and monogram it with a huge letter “H” for decoration. Something like this:

I am now thinking that it won’t be the sophisticated look I prefer, nor does it offer much color to the room. Then I found this awesome table cloth and I am thinking that I could maybe try to use a table cloth as the material.  I did find some awesome material online on ebay but it is so expensive! Here are the ones I really liked:

Anyhow…I’ve got to go and get busy again. So much to do!


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