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YAY!!! Miscarriage cause possibly determined!

Today, a few minutes ago, I got an email from my reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. D, about why I may be having recurrent miscarriages. 🙂

It turns out that I tested positive for a defective homocysteine gene. I read that the acronym is MTHRFR, which is simply hilarious because it reminds me of a certain cuss word which is actually quite close to what this bad boy does.

Anyhow, MTHFR –  It stops the folic acid from converting properly, so that the homocysteine cannot become methionine, which is an amino acid. It can affect a lot of different vascular-related things.  Pregnancy is very much a vascular-related function because the umbilical cord is the lifeline of the baby.

Bottom line, MTHFR causes the body to form blood clots which cuts off the supply to the baby and results in miscarriage. It also causes portal vein thrombosis, which I have had in the past. It’s not deadly except to very early embryos and it is relatively common.

The treatment is simple enough. It usually involves daily heparin shots to thin the blood platelets to prevent blood clots, extra folic acid/B12, and/or baby aspirin.  When we do decide to try again for pregnancy, Dr. D will have me start on whatever treatment she deems appropriate and I should have a much better chance at carrying to term.

OH!!! I also read that vinegar has trace amounts of blood thinning properties. Guess what I craved constantly before each miscarriage? Vinegar. I also craved it during my portal vein thrombosis episode. I even got to the point with the miscarriages that as soon as I had strong vinegar cravings that I knew I was losing the pregnancy. Wow. I craved the stuff so much that my tongue was raw and bleeding from the acid. My body was just trying to save the baby.  I find that comforting.

Oh Happy days!!! I’m just glad to know some answers now. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “YAY!!! Miscarriage cause possibly determined!

  1. Susan Whelan on said:

    Hi, I work with Neevo. I am so sorry for your losses. I am glad that you found out about your MTHFR diagnosis. Approximately 50% of the population is affected by the MTHFR polymorphism (40% are heterozygous or C->T). The biggest implication is that you have less of the MTHFR enzyme and may have a compromised ability in processing folic acid into l-methylfolate. L-methylfolate is what is used in DNA synthesis. You can see the methylation cycle here:

    You might want to ask your doctor about NeevoDHA. NeevoDHA contains l-methylfolate, which bypasses the MTHFR polymorphism. L-methylfolate also helps lower homocysteine levels and raises hemoglobin levels better than folic acid. I hope this information helps.

  2. I know to some this may sound strange.. but congrats on the diagnosis. I understand how horrible it is not knowing a cause.. and now you have one, so you have something to work from. Best of luck in the future TTC adventures! And thanks for the tidbit on vinegar!

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