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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Another Heavenly Shopping Trip

Today I manage to single-handedly completely embarrass myself in Lowe’s.  You know, the home improvement store.  More about that in second, but first, the details leading up to that.

My short little run to Lowes ended up taking all evening. Nathan was NOT happy with spending his evening at Lowes. First we went to one store with very few temper tantrums.  I was proud of myself. Well, mostly proud anyways. I was silently kicking myself for forgetting the almighty sippy cup and Nathan made darn sure I regretted my momentary lapse in judgement.

I managed to check off my shopping list and proceeded to check out and also wanted to go ahead and pay for our new carpeting.  I was told, in between soothing an irritable toddler, that I would have to drive to a lowes 30 minutes away to the store where we apparently started the carpet order from. I asked if they could simply transfer the order to this store. They said no. I told them that part of my 10% off coupon requires that everything (the stuff I already picked out and loaded into my cart, carpeting) had to be on one receipt in order to qualify for the discount. They still said no. So I left my cart there and we set off for Lowe’s #2.

That 30 minute trip was extended due to a traffic jam. Irritable, thirsty Nathan protested for a bit before falling asleep, thank goodness. We arrived at Lowes. I woke Nathan up. He didn’t want to be woken up. Nathan had a mini fit. We were off to a great start. Oh joy.

We went into the store and Nathan acted like a little devil. I was kicked, hit, and slapped. He screamed and threw things down. Nothing I said, did, or offered would calm the child down.  So I just tried to hurry up and get out of there as soon as possible. Apparently Lowes wasn’t the the mood to help me with this feat. Those people dragged their feet when I had no choice but to ask for help.  They took their sweet time.  I went ahead to the flooring department and asked to go ahead and get my order ready for me to pay. They said just to pay when I checked out everything else in the front of the store. Fine with me.

After about 2 hours of a fussy toddler, I finally rounded up my stuff and went to check out. Nathan had a total meltdown.  The guy checking me out said that I needed to get my order from the flooring department. I looked at him and was lost for words. Seriously? (Nathan kicks and screams in background).  I told him that the floor folks told me that the cotton-picking order would be ready for me when I checked out of this stinking store. Well maybe they didn’t say it exactly like that, and I didn’t either, I was perfectly nice standing there after being put through the ringer between this child and the store.

I forgot to mention too that the paint folks took forever making and remaking my paint samples. All two of them. I tried letting him walk around, but then he had a bigger tantrum because I wouldn’t let him play with the display of shiny, sharp saw blades. I had to carry him kicking and screaming, football style, away from the toddler finger removers.

He told me to wait a minute and they would get it ready for me. A minute turned into 10 and then 40 minutes. I told them that I would just come back the next day. They said it would just be a few more minutes. Nathan’s tantrums continued and this is where I embarrassed myself.

My eyes, without my permission, started to water up in an attempt to cry. Not heaving sobs or anything, but I was tearing up for no good reason aside from a really lousy evening.  Maybe it was just from a bad day. Or it could have been that the paint guy reminded me of a family friend who just found out he has cancer. It breaks my heart that this family is going through this.  Can’t good people just get a break? It’s not fair to them. At all.

Nathan’s tantrums continued. I tried my best to entertain him while waiting on them to get their ducks in a row. While he was sitting on the check out counter, he started grabbing at my shirt and I came thisclose to unwillingly flashing everyone in eyesight.

I fought back tears. (Where are these coming from anyways?) I managed to hold the tears back until a store clerk, a lady, took pity on me and offered to help entertain Nathan for a few minutes.  I thanked heaven for sending the angel. But when I (finally) paid for everything and checked out, and went to fetch Nathan from a few registers over, I told her thank you for helping me with him. She looked at me with kindness and said that it was fine, and that she imagines it must be hard on me.  My eyes watered up again. Oh no, would the tears just stop? Sheesh. They’re going to think I am a nutcase of some sort. I gave her my best smile and felt like the worlds worst mom for not being able to keep him happy.

I told him that I loved him and that I was sorry for not doing a better job. I am starting to wonder if these new birth control pills are making me emotional. Or maybe moms just get this way sometimes? And what is UP with this terrible two’s stage? Is it really that hard for little ones to learn that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them? That sometimes grown-ups have to do boring things like get groceries and go to Lowes instead of spending every waking minute focuses on the child? Sighs.

Maybe its because of my birthday coming up in two days.  I remember taking my grandmother to the grocery store when I was around 16 since she was legally blind and unable to drive.  She told me to pick out a cake. I asked her what kind of cake? A birthday cake, she said. For whom? I asked. She said that it was my birthday. Oh? I guess I had forgotten.  Later that day when my mom got home I told her that it was my birthday. She was irritated for whatever reason and wrapped up something she had in her closet for me. I’m just not a fan of my birthdays.

Anyhow, we finally managed to get out of the store around 8:30pm and headed next door to a Thai restaurant where C was going to meet me following his golf game.  Aside from throwing food onto the floor, playing table soccer with packs of sugar,  kicking me, and spilling soy sauce everywhere, it wasn’t that bad of a meal.

Despite my miniature emotional melt-down and devilish child in Lowes, it wasn’t 100% terrible. I mean, yes, he did open the bathroom stall on me and I had to lunge for him and shut the door (twice). But he also told the lady who fetched his discarded book from the floor both thank you and bye-bye. The food at the Thai place was certainly awesome.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. And for the friend of the family and his loved ones too.  They deserve all the best days the word has to offer.


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