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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Nathan is taking his nap so I thought that I would do a quick update on totally random topics.

We, the family, went to kings island and the water park a week ago and had a blast.  One highlight was when C decided to try to play a baseball pitching game.  The game requires you to guess the speed of the ball and if you pitch the speed, then you win. Pretty simple. C stepped up to pitch, and I told him to guess 68mph. Those of you who know me know that I know ZILCH about baseball, much less anything about pitching. I just had a really strong hunch that he should say 68, so he did. The first pitch was 66mph. The second? 68mph! He won! I jumped for joy and squealed and gave him a big hug for winning the game. Nathan got to pick out a stuffed animal. He picked out a tiger. I’ll never forget this as long as I live.

Household stuff: My garden is producing a million pounds of zucchini squash. Oops. I forgot that squash plants really, really like my garden and next year I’m only going to plant one squash plant instead of two. Seriously, and I kid you not, they just started producing and I already have 4 gallons of cut up squash. We’re going to be sick of squash this winter.

I’m also getting ready to do some major house re-dos.  I am going to refinish our bathroom and kitchen cabinets in the fall. I also scored some new flooring so that will need to be put down. I have also been studying moulding and plan to add some wainscoting to various walls in the house. I super-pumped about it and the fact that I saved TONS of money through some savvy planning and coupons. Will post before/after pictures later.

Lastly, I love reading about weird things and seeing strange pictures. One thing that I seem to see a lot of lately is pictures of really big animals. Unusually big. Take a look:

This picture is of a gaboon viper. Yes, it is poisonous and HUGE. I’m tickled pink that it is tucked away on another continent.

Here is one of a giant saltwater crocodile, it was on several news stations. This creature could swallow a man whole, and probably his neighbor if he got his mind set on it.

A cuter giant creature is this fuzzy rabbit:

Here is one of a giant sunfish:

A picture of a giant hog, which is plain scary. My father-in-law told me a story of a herd of wild hogs trying to attack a hunter. The hunter managed to climb a tree to safety and the hogs stalked him from the ground all afternoon before leaving. These guys are dangerous.

Giant spider crab, which I would totally welcome to dinner. For dinner, I mean.

Lastly, a really big cow. Where’s the beef?!?

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