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Beadboard Project, Part II and Reveal! :-)

Whoo-hoo! So it is 10:30pm and I am FINALLY finished with the project. Well, almost finished. I have to go back and touch up some paint over the caulking that I did. Let me tell you, caulking is a true lifesaver for projects like these! There is SO much that you can create (and hide!) by using the miraculous white goo. That nail hole? Cualk it! Weird gaps between moulding? Caulk it! That “oops” the kid did with a butter knife while you weren’t looking? CAULK IT! You really cannot go wrong with some caulk and paint. It heals all of the oopses you can possibly create. Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of it.

Between waiting on paint to dry, meals, and the duties of motherhood, it took most of the day to finish the project. Now that it is done, I am totally loving it!!! 🙂 Here are some pictures!Before and After:

I just think that this added SO Much to the area.  Later on, probably in the fall, I plan on using similar techniques to redo our kitchen cabinets and our master bathroom vanity.  I will be using *gulps* real beadboard on the cabinets.  I’ll be sure to post a how-to when I finish that project. I also plan on adding just the rope trim (in picture above) around our front door to help tie it in with the rest of the house. I need to do something about that-ahem- “custom” light switch plate.

If you want to do something like this to add some gorgeousness to a room in your house or even a hallway, just do a little planning and research and hit it! It is SO easy and very much worth the effort. It is also a pretty quick project and you can knock out quite a bit in a day. 🙂

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One thought on “Beadboard Project, Part II and Reveal! :-)

  1. crystal robinson on said:

    Looks beautiful! This has given me so many ideas for my dining room!!!

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