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Dream House: a fellow bloggers gorgeous home

I recently stumbled upon this decorators blog written by a lady named Joan at, “For the Love of a House.”   If you like decorating, PLEASE go look at her house! She purchased and completely remodeled her home and did an absolutely beautiful job.  If I could chose any house and decor in the world, I believe I would chose her house. Its SO beautiful and recently I have been looking to her house for decoration inspiration. 🙂

Her gorgeous bedroom is a calming retreat with pops of torquois, which I am thinking about doing as well. Take a look at her picture! Go check out her house. GORGEOUS.

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3 thoughts on “Dream House: a fellow bloggers gorgeous home

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  2. Picture perfect, like those in the magazines. the colors are calming, serene, cozy, clean. Gorgeous indeed!

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