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Deals and Steals

Lately I’ve been working really hard to get our house up to par.  Like I mentioned before, we are planning on a pregnancy within the next 6-10 weeks and so things have to be done by then or it will not get done.  I am pretty much completely worthless for the majority of the pregnancy, so I want to go ahead and contribute as much as I can ahead of time. I’ve been scouring stores and online sites for the best deals on project supplies.  I have scored some SUPER good deals. My goal is always to get the most I can value-wise for my money budget-wise.  I mean, why on earth would I want to settle for a cheap quality item if I can get one of MUCH better quality for the same price?

I looked everywhere for a new kitchen faucet since our old, standard one is awful. The thing is, when we (and buyers) walk in the house, the first thing they see is our kitchen sink and the ugly, cheap faucet.  With the old faucet, we could hardly wash big pans and high chair trays because of how low the spout was over the sink. So I came up with a budget, and applied my goal of the most value for the budget. The winner? This handsome fellow (compare it to the old one, which looks similar but worse than the picture below):

I scored this faucet for 70-something percent off, which allowed me to buy a $320 faucet for less than my budgeted amount! With the leftover money that I budgeted for the faucet, I went ahead and searched again for a soap dispenser which is mounted under the sink right next to the faucet.  I found this:

This guy was almost 80% off. So for the price I would have spent on a faucet at the local home store, I managed to purchase over $445 worth of high-quality, nice looking kitchen hardware/accessories! I am still awaiting for the dispenser to arrive, but C went ahead and installed the kitchen faucet and it really looks nice. I may need to upgrade the sink at some point, but for now, I’m very happy with how it turned out. Later on, I will refinish the cabinets and C will put down the 16×16″ tile floors which will really make it look nice for potential buyers whenever we decide to sell.

I meant to show you the hardware I picked out for the kitchen cabinets. For the drawer (we only have one, can you imagine?):

For the doors:

I liked these because they match the rest of the house’s hardware and because they mimic the rope detail found on the new molding that I am putting up.

I am just hoping (wishing and praying) that everything comes together nicely. I love being in a beautiful house, but I am certainly not a decorator. I always have trouble seeing the finished product, so I usually just end up having to blindly pick a starting point and work my way up from there.  My Achilles heel is making things too matchy-matchy, which is really just a by product of not being a natural born decorator.  Thank goodness for blogs! I find tons of inspiration  and starting points from there.  Eventually, hopefully before a pregnancy, I will have every room in the house looking presentable and put-together as much as possible.  🙂

I almost forgot to mention the two rugs! For our bathroom, which is painted a sage-blue color, I found this rug:

You can’t really tell in this picture, but it has blues and pinks in the medallions as well. It is transitional, so I am hoping it will keep the space looking fresh and inviting. For our foyer, I also went with a transitional rug:

I hope I can get everything done soon so I can post pictures 🙂


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