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A Sibling for Nathan

No…don’t freak out, I am not preggo thanks to itsy-bitsy nauseating anti-baby pills (birth control). We would really like to have another little one, and soon. However, I am really anxious about the whole pregnancy thing. I really hate being pregnant in the beginning and spend every day of the first 16 weeks tethered to the toilet and wondering what in the world I gotten myself in to. Another GI issue rears its ugly head during early pregnancy thanks to a growing uterus putting pressure on my pouch. The combination of pressure on the j-pouch and pregnancy hormones causes me to have chronic, extreme diarrhea (sorry, TMI- just wanted to warn fellow j-pouchers about this perk of pregnancy). This is worse at night, meaning that sleep is impossible and if I make the mistake of sleeping for more than an hour, then I wake up to incontinence. It is positively awful. I find myself feeling like I am dying instead of growing new life.

The vomiting corrodes my esophagus. Have you ever had the experience of vomiting blood, and lots of it? It’s a lot of fun, let me tell you. Needless to say, I am nervous about the whole pregnancy thing.  Then I look at Nathan and how much I love him, and I know I will have the same love for baby number 2.  Plus, this time around I have a little experience under my belt. I know this time to request at-home intravenous fluids via a PICC line for dehydration early on to see me through those early weeks. I know now how to deal better with the GI issues. I have tons of tricks to get nutrition into my body for the baby despite hyperemesis.  This time around, each day I have Nathan to remind me that there is a wonderful, miraculous light at the end of the really long tunnel.

I start feeling a tad bit better right around the time that my bump makes an appearance and I feel those first miraculous little kicks inside my womb.  After that, my protective motherly instincts kick in and all the vomiting in the world can’t corrode the love and happiness I feel inside for this new little life I am growing.I positively LOVE being pregnant from week 18 until week 36. During this time, I have more good days than bad and I LOVE feeling my beloved little one moving around inside. It is the most wonderful, amazing experience.

I guess it is normal to feel nervous the second time around. I know that I will handle it just fine. There is no doubt in my mind about wanting another baby and pregnancy, I just wish it weren’t so hard on me. Who knows? Maybe it will be easier this time around since I know what to expect and how to address it. I get so excited wondering what the second one will look like, and if it will be a girl or a boy.  I know Nathan will love being a big brother. He loves seeing other babies already. Anyhow…shall keep everyone updated on the baby topics. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “A Sibling for Nathan

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks for the info Jenn – really really helpful!!

  2. jhearn2 on said:

    Hi Paulie,
    Congrats on your pregnancy! I am not sure if your girlfriend’s issue is due to nausea/vomiting or diarrhea. I’ll try to give tips for both. 🙂
    The main thing is to focus on nutrition-dense foods such as egg, milk, yogurt, meal replacement bars, protein bars,avocado, and so forth. One thing that REALLY helps me is drinking meal replacement drinks such as Ensure or slim fast. Try to eat what you can, but if all else fails, then the meal replacement drinks will provide much-needed energy and nutrition. You can also try adding protein powder to milk-shakes (or soy/almond milkshakes).

    If diarrhea is an issue, try sipping on drinks all day long while nibbling on foods instead of drinking a large amount at once. You may see about adding tasteless, odorless fiber powder to drinks to help give it some bulk and slow down the transit time.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any tips on incontinence or anything else related to the pouch and pregnancy.


  3. Paulie on said:

    Hi Jenn,

    Please could share some of tips you had for getting nutrition into your body?

    We’re 16 weeks pregnant and my girlfriend is trying hard to cope with pregnancy and a j-pouch.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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