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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Kids these days just seem to be so unbelievably smart! My son surprised me BIG time today and I am still in shock about it. So this morning, literally just a few minutes ago, he brought me a book and started to point things out. Since I just got my ‘ears’ (cochlear implants) back on and can hear again, I totally loved hearing him say words in his little toddler voice. He pointed to all sorts of things, both signing and saying words as he went along.

Then he pointed to something and said, ‘Oh?”  I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say, so I leaned over to where his little finger was pointing and saw the letter ‘O.’ My baby, not even two years old yet, apparently knows some of his letters!!! I can’t figure out how he knows these yet, because I have not worked with him on it aside from just singing the ABC song. It wasn’t just a lucky guess because he consistently got it right! I felt so excited and wanted to know what else he knew. I pointed to the letter, ‘A’ and he said, “A!”  I pointed to a few others, which he correctly named, but he grew bored and moved on to other things. SO exciting.

This morning’s exciting event served as proof that my being at home with him is really paying off in terms of his development.  I am so grateful for being at home with him so that I can teach him home-school style to give him the best possible start in life.  You guys all know how much I believe in excellence in education and intelligence.

I’m not one of those neurotic, militant parents when it comes to pushing their kids to excel. However, I do not believe that our nation’s school system should be the only place that they learn. I remember being three years old and literally begging to be taught to read and no one taught me. I had to wait two more years until I was finally taught in kindergarten to read. I do not want such things to happen to my son. He is very bright and curious about the world around him. I believe that he can learn to read long before kindergarten at age 5, and I plan on teaching him how.

He will be two in the fall.  He already knows his primary colors, some basic counting, and apparently he knows some of his letters though I am not sure how many he knows.  For our home-school lessons, I will finish teaching him all of his letters and then will begin teaching him sight words for reading.  I plan on teaching him basic math such as shapes, and simple addition and subtraction.  We will be doing lots of coloring and painting to help prepare his little hands for writing.  I am working on figuring out how to introduce him to electrical engineering types of activities since he has shown talent and interest in it since 4 months of age. Developing his sign language vocabulary is a daily given.

As always, I make learning fun and use tons of positive feedback and encouragement to help build his confidence and character.  I never, ever force him to do anything but instead let him chose his own pace and attention span.  As a result, he genuinely loves learning. 🙂





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