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House Updates (Pardon my Progress!)

I realized that I have not yet updated my blog on the house updates. This summer I embarked on a “Banish the Ugliness” mission of sorts. I still have a bit more to do, but I’ll show you what I have done and what is underway:

I sewed a bolster pillow for our bed using drop cloth. I chose to do a bolster pillow because I would MUCH rather remove one big pillow every night than a million little ones.  I added an antique doily and then tied some various lace remnants onto the ends for extra details. I also found some ivory sheets on clearance with a gorgeous 6″ lace trim on the edge. I do not have them on the bed yet because I want to finish painting first.  It will look really pretty when I fold the sheet down to let the lace peek out from beneath the pillows. I really love how the little details make such a big statement!

For my birthday, I bought two original paintings from the artist, Julia Lu. I LOVE her expressionist style! I am hoping that I will get them framed as a Christmas gift. Aren’t they pretty?

I am also trying to find the right paint for our bedroom, which I am redoing to make it a romantic, soothing retreat for the two of us. I finally realized that in order to achieve the grey-blue color that I am searching for, I have to go with a very light sage green or else it looks really blue. I ended up mixing a blue color with beige and painting samples onto the wall to view in different lighting throughout the day. I also painted a little onto white index cards, which I labeled with a letter. I wrote the respective letter on blue painters tape and placed it right next to the color on the wall so that I could keep them straight.

Below is the chair that I redid. I may put it in our bedroom, but I am not sure yet.

Our little dog, Lil’Man, was in desperate need of a cozy bed so that he could sleep in our room at nice and stay nice and cozy. I went into our garage and found an old brown wicker basket, and it was the perfect size. I primed, painted, distressed, and sealed the basket and placed a pillow in it for Lil’Man. He LOVES it!

I wish you could have seen the foyer when we bought the house. There used to be a solid door there and it was so dark and gloomy since the light could not get in. We had a pair of mismatched door hardware as well. So we ended up replacing the door and the hardware, and now it it much more bright and welcoming. 🙂

Below is a picture of the dresser that I inherited from my mom.  I really do not like dressers with matching mirrors. It reminds me of a bed-in-a-bag sort of thing.  So at the moment, I have no clue how to make this work for our room, but make it work I shall. I did consider, briefly, converting the mirror into a head board for our bed. Then I thought that my mom would come up out of her grave specifically to kick my rear if I ever messed with her dresser, so the idea went right out of the window. I’ll just have to think about it some more.

Finally, I am working on doing a wall collage of all of our favorite pictures and memorabilia downstairs. Right now I am in the process of putting the pictures up. After I am done, I will likely take measures to coordinated the frame colors/styles a little better. I want to see it all up and live with it for awhile before I do this though.  🙂

Well, that’s all I have for you at the moment. I am planning on working this weekend some more on these projects. I am NOT a decorator, but I DO love being in pretty homes and want to make our home look nice as well.  I am really looking forward to seeing everything looking nice again.

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One thought on “House Updates (Pardon my Progress!)

  1. The dresser is actually really beautiful the way it is 🙂 Why not take the mirror off though? You wouldn’t really be wrecking it if you used it in a different place, and I am sure you being happy would make your Mom happier than anything 🙂 It would make a super cool headboard!!

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