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Framed Doily Tutorial

I recently acquired some gorgeous hand-made antique doilies. They are so beautiful that I really wanted to frame them so that I could display them in. First I tried to get quotes on custom framing, and it would have been way too expensive. So then I decided to buy frames for them and do it myself. Well, not only are frames expensive as well, but it is hard to find circle and square frames. Most are oval and rectangle. Anyhow, I finally found some 12×12 frames from Hobby Lobby. They were plain black contemporary frames, but they were 50% off! I decided to get 4 of them to re-do for my Doily wall cluster.

I found some wood appliques at hobby lobby in their wood-making section. I decided to use different appliques for each frame, so that each frame is unique but cohesive. The frames were 4.99 each, and the appliques were 99 cents each pack at one per frame. I also picked out thick 12×12 scrapbook paper, choosing various patterns.

The black frames were smooth and had seams where the corners met. Seams on picture frames are a pet peeve of mine. So I used some leftover adhesive caulk to cover the seams. I LOVE this stuff because it is so easy to work with. Just use a wet paper towel and it does whatever you need it to. I used it to mount the appliques onto the frames. Then, I used some of it to add texture to the smooth black frames so that the glaze would have something to stick to.

I let it sit to dry for about 15 minutes and spray painted them shiny gold.  Then, I used some of the pecan wood glaze to make it look antique. Just wipe on the glaze, and use a wet paper towel to take off some of the glaze. Be sure to work the glaze into the applique crevices.

Then I turned the frames over upside down after they dried and placed the glass back into the frame. I placed the doily in the center, put the scrapbooking paper over that, and then put the frame backing in place.


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