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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A Small World

This weekend C headed up to watch Tiger Woods and his colleagues compete in golf while Nathan and I spent the weekend together. I LOVED seeing C so excited about it! 🙂

We had us a super-busy weekend.  Saturday we had to head up to our annual Cochlear Implant (CI) Recipient picnic at the park.  I usually try to make rounds and talk to everyone, but this year I was pretty much chasing a toddler around the whole time.  Everyone doted on him so it worked out ok. I did meet two couples our age! They came to support their friend, a lady who is my age and has a CI too! It took about an hour and a half to complete a conversation due to my frequent breaks to chase Nathan, but we learned that we have so much in common. When it was over, we exchanged contact info and we def plan on getting together once all of this summer craziness is over. 🙂

After the picnic, Nathan and I stopped by our local section of the “Worlds Longest Yardsale.” I found a french chandelier for $20. It looks somewhat like this.  Also found some french figurines, crystal candle holders, and wicker wreaths for $1 each! Then I found some picture frames for my wall collage for 50 cents each and then a lady gave me (FREE) a matching pair of vintage hobnail milkglass lamps with shades! 🙂

We came home and both took a nap. After we woke up and ate dinner, we got started cleaning the garage. Sunday, we went to the Village in Covington for more of the yard sale events.  I didn’t really find much though. On our way to the car, I stopped at this quaint little coffee house and had the most delicious chai tea latte. While sitting there enjoying the tea, a grubby looking older man sat near us and we started chatting.

I should add here that as long as I feel safe, I do not mind talking with folks from all walks of life. Some of the most talented, kindest, most brilliant people I have ever met look on first impression to be homeless or else just don’t seem to fit into any of society’s ideal profiles.  This man was one of them. I am so glad I talked to him, because he turned out to be an absolute jewel. A diamond in the rough kind of thing.

It turned out that his man is a bona-fide genius. I, of course, looked like a typical soccer mom suburbanite, but he took a chance on me anyways and we were both pleasantly surprised that the other did not fit the suspected stereotype.

We discussed philosophy and the human psyche. He recited line after line of interesting quotes and he turned out to be extremely well-read. I told him about my decision to quit pursuing my PhD in neuroscience to have my children and focus on them, which he praised. We discussed the nature of memory, the limitations of human understanding and perceptions, and about the nature of intuition. He talked to me at length about his interest in musical serialism. More specifically about his current project of composing music using the mathematical 12-tone matrix and how he wants to address the flaws associated with the equality of the tones in this theory.

Our conversation was extremely fast-paced and by the time I had to leave due to a cranky toddler, my head was pleasantly spinning. He was renting a room under said coffee house, and so he told me to stop by next time I am around to chat over chai tea. There was absolutely no reference to the fact that I am a female. It was strictly a mind-to-mind kind of interaction which I thoroughly appreciated.

Something I absolutely LOVE about living here is the people and arts. I have met so many friendly, well-traveled bright people in the area. It seems like people here embrace other cultures and support the arts. People are free to express themselves through interest groups, clothing styles, lifestyles, and so forth.  Everyone seems so down-to-earth. I LOVE it.

After this, Nathan and I headed home for our nap. We woke and I finished up in the garage. It looks SO nice now and smells nice and clean. After I got done in the garage, my neighbor came over and Nathan and I headed to their yard to pick fresh peaches.  We brought the peaches home and I made a huge pot of yummy peach preserves. I plan on canning them and bringing them with us on our trip to the beach at the end of the week.

Finally, I was reading a magazine and saw a picture of someone familiar. When I went to see Dr. Zahi Hawass, I brought my camera with me. While there, an older lady approached him and made Zahi laugh. I took a picture of this moment and it turned out well. I later approached the lady and got her email so that I could send her this picture. She was beyond grateful and so very nice. I saw this lady in this magazine which by reading I discovered that she is actually a famous art dealer and her house is practically an art gallery/museum of priceless pieces. For instance, in the photograph, she was sitting on a 16th century Ming couch bought from a renowned antique dealer in China. Its a small world!


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