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Playroom in Progress

I apologize for the long dry spell with regards to posting. We just got back from a wonderful vacation on the Gulf. I took tons of pictures and will surely post about the vacation soon.

In the meantime, Fall is rapidly approaching.  That means very cold days will be here soon.  Very cold days with a busy toddler stuck indoors. Which naturally means that I better get his playroom done or we will be in for a very cranky winter.

One of my friends from Georgia, Kristin J. (website here) has traveled the world designing hotel rooms and the like. She recently decided to branch out into interior designing for residences and this is where I ran into some serious good fortune.  I asked Kristin if she could help design Nathans playroom, and she said yes!!! So we started emailing back and forth and I sent her a few pictures.  I had a few needs that had to be incorporated (unless she had a better alternative) which included: a low budget, a gold chenille chair & 1/2; chocolate walls, book display, and a way to display his art. I have been stuck on how to get around and include these needs in designing his room. For her though, it was no biggie! She whipped up a brilliant room design and sent me something called a concept board. The board has all of the main features of the room, colors, and how it is supposed to look when it is done. Here is what she sent:

Design by: Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior.

I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with this design! It is almost like she crawled into my head (and Nathans) and put together a room that both of us would LOVE.  Isn’t it awesome!?! So…I am going to get busy soon doing this budget-friendly makeover.  I am planning on utilizing a few tutorials that I recently stumbled upon. Like this set of toy boxes made from FREE wood pallets. (Free!) Oh, did I mention the wooden pallets are free? Just checking. Take a look at these (free) toy boxes (tutorial here):

I thought about using the same (free) source of wood from the pallets and make him a toddler-sized couch/cot for him to read or nap on.  I can use a solid color fabric and make a pillow cushion large enough to cover the couch/cot, then use the print fabric to make pillows for the back of the couch.  I am not sure if I will be doing this but it seems like such a cute idea!

I will have to make him a pair of stools to go with the repurposed pillar side table though. I am thinking something along the lines of this, but I’m not sure yet:


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One thought on “Playroom in Progress

  1. Kristin J on said:

    Thanks for all the kind words Jenn! Can’t wait to see pics of your diy adventures.

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