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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Holey-moley. Wow.

Well, after posting the post below, I started to wonder about her message a little more. I considered the possibility of pregnancy, and the timing just wasn’t adding up in terms of possible conception. I then remembered that if there is a normal way that a women’s body should act, that mine would make it a personal mission to do the opposite and veer from the course. Never mind the millions of years of biology, my body has a mind of its own.

Anyhow, thought some more. Two days ago I took an early-detection pregnancy test as I do every month because I have to start on hormone support the minute I think I’m expecting so I like to be careful and check. The test, which tells you 6 days before a period if you are pregnant, turned out to be NEGATIVE even though I was due for my Week of Joy. I was positive I was going to start the ladie’s “Week of Joy” any moment now. In fact, I just bought some um, lady supplies, last night on sale. Nope, I thought. Not preggo.

Then I thought about the dream some more. My mom did not say, “You will be pregnant.” She said, “You ARE pregnant.” I even told her of my shopping trip for some Week of Joy supplies and she was adament about her message. She didn’t care about my reasoning, she insisted that I am pregnant and that she is going to help me.

Anyhow, I was tidying up our bathroom vanity this morning and I saw the pregnancy test. I decided to humor myself and took the test. I set it aside and finished tidying up the vanity. When I was done, I got up and checked the test. It was POSITIVE.

Holey Crapola.

No freaking way.

What the hey??? Are you serious? My Mother….deceased mother….randomly popped into my dream, pulled me aside and told me that I am pregnant. She was right. Totally, completely, correct despite me being 1000 % sure that I was not. I can totally see her smiling at my excitement and telling everyone around her the possible good news.

Thank you, Momma!!!

***Note: Due to my recent history of miscarriages, PLEASE do not send any notes of congrats or tell others that I am possibly expecting. I am not allowing myself to get excited until I am around week 9 which is when I am past the major danger zone of losing the pregnancy. Any prayers are MUCH welcomed and needed. Thank you!!!


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