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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The Lady Shall Sing tonight….

This evening I will be getting the news which will mark the beginning of the end to something. It will be either the end to these ridiculous miscarriages or to the actual pregnancy, supposedly 7 weeks based on my calendar. I just hope it is not another loss.  For some reason, a natural miscarriage at home after 6 weeks is significantly more physically painful than a four or five week one.  I have no explanation for this, but it is very much true based on personal experience.

I woke up today feeling a whole lot better.  For the last few days I have been dog tired. I was taking a one or two hour nap during the day with Nathan and then going to bed at 8pm and sleeping until 8am. I would wake up and still feel super tired after noon or so until I finally crashed and fell asleep.  I didn’t have this with the other pregnancies, including Nathans.  With all of them except for the first of these recurrent losses I just felt nauseous all the time.  Anyhow- today I woke up feeling more clear-headed and alert than I have felt in many weeks.

So…just trying to prepare myself for whatever news I will be getting this afternoon.  If it is a loss, once I get past the most painful parts of losing the pregnancy material, I have tons of things to do.  I am still working on and making progress on my Happibutt cream.  I am currently trying to figure out how to add a better barrier quality to the cream, so that it can help irritation heal faster without being irritated by the next elimination.  (Trust me, j-pouchers will really appreciate this part.)

I also have Nathans playroom materials in. I need to get started on sewing so that his room will be ready in time. I dragged myself and the little monkey to Ikea. I was already in the area for a appointment and needed to stop for lunch anyways, so to Ikea we went. I got a little chair for his repurposed side table-turned-kids table; a large, cute wooden abacus for counting purposes, a little multipurpose, raw wooden stool/table/footrest thing on clearance, a heavy metal work lamp for extra lighting; a zip-line cable to hang up his artwork on, and a few metal milk pails in various sizes to hold all of his crayons and other small items stylishly.  I am super-excited about this playroom.

So…lots of things for me to do.  I guess I better go and get dressed so that I can go and get my blood drawn for the HCG/pregnancy levels test.


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