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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

6 months later…

Yesterday I headed on over to Dr. M’s for my 6 month check-up following my cancer scare.  While there I mentioned that I was still experiencing a particular bleeding issue. Dr. M added a ductogram to my routine twice-yearly mammogram.  I guess with my family history and personal history that I am high-risk of cancer so I have to get mammograms from now on.  The ductogram will allow the radiologists to use dye to ‘see’ the duct and possibly identify the source of bleeding.  Usually it is just a benign growth in the duct that causes bleeding. In a few cases it can be due to ductal carcinoma in situ, which is the most common and least worrisome form of breast cancer. The vast majority of them are just benign conditions, so I am not worried.

She wanted me to go ahead and get evaluated to be safe, but there is a chance that I may be starting The Saga of the 5th Bean. Since mammograms are x-rays, and x-rays are not permitted during pregnancy, I have to wait until I know for sure before I can have the test.  We are not trying for a baby this month, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I am not sure what I am supposed to do for the mammogram if I AM pregnant though. Hmm…I probably need to ask the doc about that part.  I am SO lucky to have Dr. M keeping an eye out for me. She is seriously hands-down the best doc ever! No wonder she made the official “Best Doctors of Cinci” list.  How cool is that?

Anyho0…last night we met our friends and hung out. The hubs went and played golf while us ladies and babies went to get some coffee.  Nathan did a great job of scaring the ever living beheebies out of those poor parents with their sweet, smiley 10-month old son.  At one point while eating dinner together, I looked over longingly at their 10-month old son and reminisced about how Nathan used to be so sweet and content all the time. I then looked over at Nathan, who was squirming in his booster seat after throwing food down in a fit over wanting to “geet down!” (get down) and screaming. All I could say was, “What happened to you???” My sweet baby-turned-hellion (is Helion a bad word?) is a totally different child now, which is never more evident then when we are around older infants.  Oh well. This phase shall past. Possibly with the help of plenty of advil and a few glasses of wine, but it shall past. (Hurry phase, hurry!)

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