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Planning Nathan’s 2nd Birthday Party

Nathan’s second birthday party will be a Dr. Seuss theme! I chose to do this one because I can reuse many of the same items from last year’s pirate party.  I am buying items that have multiple uses to be as practical as possible.  I already invested in some circular cake pans for a tiered cake last year and plan on making him a cake. I am thinking along the lines of these:

I will have a red table cloth with a runner made from this fabric with giant red pom pom trim on the edges:

I’m doing a really cute favor bag/gifts for all of the little ones. I am doing a paper-lantern “chandelier” above the table in blue, white, red, and (I think) green:

I will also have tons of balloons. Paper lanterns and balloons are the quickest, least expensive options to decorate for a party. Plus, the kids LOVE them and can take balloons home as party favors. 🙂 I will reuse the other decor for next year’s party and for Christmas. 🙂

I will have lots of goodies such as a bowl full of red gumdrops, and giant blue/white swirl lolly pops with Dr. Seuss tags on them:

As part of his birthday gift, I found him seven kids books by Dr. Seuss! I got them for super-cheap from thriftbooks.com for around $3.50 each with free shipping.  I will use them as decoration and then he’ll have them to read later on after the party.

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