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Extraordinary Uses of Ordinary Paper Clips

I keep a small basket filled with ordinary office paper clips in my sons room near his laundry basket, and let me tell you why.  Like most moms, I needed a reminder method to help me know which clothes have stains to treat and which ones he has outgrown or nearly outgrown.  I needed to find something washable and which clipped onto the clothes. First I tried clothes pins, but they would end up falling off the clothes at some point during the washing. Finally, I realized that ordinary metal (NOT color coated) paper clips did the trick.

When he has outgrown an item, I simply stick a paper clip on the waste band before tossing into the laundry hamper. I wash and dry the clothes as needed. While folding the clothes, the paper clip reminds me to keep that item in a separate pile for storage or consignment. Easy peasy !

If and item has a stain, I spray it with some stain remover which I keep hooked over his hamper rim.  Then, I stick a paper clip on the pocket for pants, and the sleeves of shirts. While sorting laundry for washing, I separate the items with the clips for a quick stain treatment before washing and I remove the clip then.  It saves me from having to search every garment all over for elusive stains in the bad lighting of our laundry room.

Other uses of paper clips:

  • clip matching socks together before washing. No more lost socks!
  • Create a paper clip system to help younger children learn to sort laundry before washing. For example, quickly clip the darks at a determined place and they will have fun diving into the laundry in search of the clips!

Hope these tips help!

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