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Castile Liquid Soap Recipe

Liquid Castile Soap


– 1 cup grated/firmly packed down Castile soap (about two 4 oz. bars)
– 4 cups water (preferably purified water)
– 2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin

-essential oils (if desired)
Shred the bar soap using a cheese grater. Simmer the pan of water on medium-low. Mix the grated soap into the water and stir occasionally until it has dissolved. Next, add the glycerine to the mixture and stir until dissolved.

At this point, you can add essential oils to the mixture and transfer to a jar (or several) and cover tightly.

You can use ready-made castile bar soap such as Dr. Bonners, or make your own.  Making your own is actually really easy.  It just requires three ingredients (olive oil, lye, water). 

Be sure to read up and become familiar with the safety of using lye in soap making. There are some rules which must be followed.

Technically,to be a true castile soap, the oil used must be a good quality Olive oil.  However, I’ve made mine out of everything from a mixture of various oils to even using regular Crisco shortening!  The lye changes all of the oils into soap, but the oil you use can affect the way the soap feels and lathers when used. To be honest, I really like the lather that the Crisco makes.

The good thing about this liquid castile soap recipe is that you can take a unscented, basic bar soap (like the Crisco recipe) and then add various essential oils and other oils to make it into something fabulous.  When I do my batches, I make a few jars of the following:

  • Eucalyptus/tea tree/jojoba oil for personal care purposes (shampoo, body wash, on cloth baby wipes).
  • Lemon/orange for general cleaning
  • Hawaiian citrus for laundry/linens

I pour mine into clearly labeled, empty soap dispenser bottles. The solution is concentrated, so I just mix in a few squirts with whatever the dilution calls for and I’m all set to go!





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