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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Our cat, the mountain

Our old, black cat is put through the ringer with Nathan.  We don’t let him hurt her, but we can’t always stop him from annoying her to death. There’s just something about a ball of warm, silky hair that draws Nathan to it like white on rice.  At various times Lilah has served as a pillow and a blankie-holder.  Her tail has been a jump rope more than once. She is his favorite wind-up toy- wind the tail and off she goes!

She  has been a mighty slumbering mountain for his little toy tractor to conquer. She has served for many an anatomy lesson as Nathan poked pointed out her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. He learned the meaning of gravity as various small objects rolled from her head onto the ground. He hugs and kisses her like a favorite teddy bear. He always offers her a sip of his drink and a bite of his snack, and she’ll wake up to a pile of fish crackers and carrots by her carnivorous nose. They play hide and seek throughout the house. Lilah hides and Nathan seeks.

It’s not all annoyances for Lilah. She enjoys chasing him down from time to time. She likes it when he throws toys for her to fetch. Every now and then Nathan will offer her a bite of something good for once- like bits of hot dog or chicken.  She loves sitting on a kitchen chair hidden by the skirt of the table cloth. When Nathan walks by, she’ll enjoy her revenge and lunge from under the tablecloth to give him a generous swat on the head with her clawless paws.

I never in a million years would have thought that Lilah would be as patient and gentle with Nathan as she has been.  She’s fat and old and mostly likes to be left alone so that she can sleep. Yet somehow those two formed an amazing, very sweet bond with each other. It touches my heart to see them play together.  I think that she doesn’t mind being his very best furry friend, as long as he keeps the hot dogs coming that is. 😉


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