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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Pottery Barn Home

I recently flipped through the super-cute fall edition of Pottery Barn Home decorating catalog.  I drooled over gorgeous fall fireplace mantels and envisioned my own home with a magazine worthy display.  Then reality hit me as I realized that A- I don’t have a mantle, and B- I have a toddler.

Then the idea occurred to me that Pottery Barn should come out with a Pottery Barn for Homes with Kids edition! They can make durable versions of their decor. For example, those adorable, multi-use lanterns will be made of metal and plastic instead of glass.  Those cute glass pumpkins? They will be made of look-alike rubber! The linens will be scotch gaurded to high heaven. The furniture will come with it’s very own repair kit for knicks and chips, you know, for when the kid gets a hold of a screwdriver and beats the table up in the midst of a tantrum.

Anything that is not made of fabric can be wiped down with industrial strength bleach following the kids bout of the stomach flu.  Oh! And everything can be wiped with fingernail polish remover just in case they doodle with a sharpy marker or two. In general, all items will stand up to falling, being thrown, kicked, ran into, spilled on, hammered, and whacked with the occasional golf club or hockey stick.  🙂

Can you imagine how awesome this would be??? *sighs dreamily*

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