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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

24month Updates

Lately Nathan has been singing songs with me.  He knows, “I see the moon”, “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Row, Row, Row the boat”, and “Old Mc.Donald.”

It is really cute watching him sing. He signs the words he knows, makes up the ones he doesn’t, and substitutes letters with those he can say well. Sometimes he doesn’t quite say the song correctly, but it is adorable. For example:

Nathan singing, “I see the Moon”

I see moom, moom I see! [I see the moon, and the moon sees me]

Moom moom world, I dant to tee! [ The moon sees the world I want to see]

So dog less moom, dog less me [So God bless the moon, and God bless me]

An’ dog less world I dant to tee! [ and God bless the world I want to see]


Nathan singing Row, Row, Row your boat:

ROW! ROW! ROW! BOAT! [row, row, row your boat]

Tently down da TEAM! [gently down the stream]

Melly, melly, melly, melly, eyes a TEAM! [Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream]


Homeschool Preschool:

It is going very well. This month we are learning opposites, building vocabulary, reviewing letters and the sounds each makes, and counting to 20.  Since he knows his primary colors, we are going to start learning other colors like teal, hot pink, lime green, Chartreuse, grey, and so forth.

Monday we learned the opposites up/down. We played up/down games and sang songs.  We saw pictures where things go up and down and talked about elevators.  He learned the word elevator. We learned that sometimes Turbines (from our ’round and ’round lesson) can help things like water go up or down.

Tuesday we learned on/under.  We played games with a towel where Mommy or Nathan is on or under the towel.  I hid items and told him that the item is on or under something and he had to go find it.  We talked about how some animals live under the water, like dolphins for example. During his bath, we sang songs about how his bath toy dolphin is under the water.

Wednesday focused on our letters, numbers, drawing, counting.  We are learning how to use our finger to point at the item as we count, touching each only once to make sure we count accurately.  We are also learning how to use our finger to trace an arrow in the right direction, which is a building block lesson toward learning to write out letters with arrows as a guide.

Friday we are reviewing everything.

We watch 1-2 educational videos a day. We are learning our music notes by clapping out the rhythm the series of notes make. I also include him in things during the day. He helps me match up socks while folding laundry.  He helps me dust with his very own swifter and he follows behind me while vacuuming and fusses at me if I miss a spot.  I let him help me unload the dishwasher and he will take out one at a time and bring it to the right spot for me to put up.  It takes ten times as long to finish the job, but I think it is important to involve him whenever possible.  He helps me when I make soap. Once the soap is cooled, he puts the funnel into the holder jug and helps me scoop the soap into the funnel for storage.

We are also working on potty training.  I know him well enough to know that it takes time for him to warm up to a change in life, unlike me.  My mom says that to potty train me, at two years old she put me in underwear overnight and told me not to ‘tinkle’ in them. I never wore diapers again.  They also took away my pacifier/binky at two by telling me that my dad was going to take the binky to the baby dear. I gave my binky away and never asked for it again. I actually remember this and feeling maternal toward the poor baby deer! I was a little mommy even then.

So for Nathan, we are practicing bladder control.  He gets to wear his big boy underwear for a short time every other day or so.  A few times a day, I take off his diaper and ask him to ‘make water’ into the potty cup. (He refuses to sit to pee, he has to stand up like daddy does- ha).  It doesn’t matter how much or little he tinkles when we practice, the goal is to simply let him understand the concept of bladder control better and actually see the results and where to go.

Growing: This child is a little weed!  I actually ended up buying him some 4T tops and one-piece pajamas!  He is only 24 months old!!! He has a very long waist, so he can wear 3T/4T tops and wears 2T bottoms, though he will be in 3T bottoms in another month or two.  His feet are normal sized, I think. He wears size 7 shoes though he’ll be in 7.5 soon.  He wears 3t/4t socks.

For Halloween, he was a “cat in the hat.” I put him in his black wrangler jeans, his costume top, red bow, and his huge red and white hat which he wore the entire time! I took him down one half of the neighborhood to the left of our house and we made sure to say thank you to each candy-giver.  Then, his Daddy took him through the other half. He had a great time.  🙂






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