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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The countdown begins!

I am so stinking excited to be starting the fertility process in about 4 weeks. 🙂  I have already pretty much done everything that I need to do before hand, now I am just waiting…and waiting….oh, did I mention that I’m waiting?  I must say that the whole waiting thing is really not fun.  These things are very time-sensitive and dependent on a woman’s cycle, so I don’t have a choice in the matter.

I just want to finally be pregnant with a viable pregnancy. If the first baby had not been lost, I would be only a few weeks away from my due date already.  I remember with each pregnancy how excited C and I were. Even after we decided to be cautiously excited in case of a loss, we both secretly couldn’t help but to feel completely happy inside at the news.  After a year plus of trying with several rounds of clomid and several miscarriages, I am ready to finally be on my way to bringing our second child home.

Pregnancy with Nathan was extremely difficult, but I am optimistic the second time around.  With the first of the pregnancy losses, I felt terrific even though my HCG numbers were at a level where I tend to start feeling rough.  It just shows me that every pregnancy is different, and this pregnancy may not be as bad.  I think that the second time around may be a little easier on my body since it has already been through the pregnancy stretching and so forth. Even if it is bad, it is 10000% worth it to have a child.  I find myself wondering if he/she will look like me or C. I hope that if it is a girl that she’ll have my eye color (grey-blue) and curly hair.  We have already decided on a girl’s first name, Natalie.  Nathan and Natalie- how cute is that? 🙂

We are not sure yet on a boy’s name, though we have the name Benjamin Zane on our list.  I think Nathan will LOVE having a sibling. He is so sweet with babies and sociable, they will be a cute team.

Sure wish that time would speed up a little bit more…the sooner things get started, the sooner we will have our beloved child in our arms! 🙂



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