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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

His Noggin

I swear my son has photographic memory! It runs in my family, so if it is genetic then he certainly has the genes there. Before I go into details, I need to step onto the soapbox for a moment to make sure everyone knows where I am coming from.

I am so proud of my son. I would probably share every new development with the world if it were humanly possible to do so. It is not because he is super-smart or because I am comparing him to anyone.  He could honestly be as sharp as a bowling ball and I’d still be so very proud of him.  I am just amazed that I have been giving this little human to help develop into a great man one day, and so to see him growing and developing is astounding to me.  If competitive folks want to compare our children, count me out. No one should have an issue with a proud mother with a good heart sharing new developments with people.  I want only for everyone to participate in celebrating his life along with us.

Ok…off the soapbox now. I have been trying to figure out how he seems to master memory based things so quickly.  I started out playing a card-memory game with him in which I showed him the cards, flipped them upside-down, and asked him to pick out the one I want. He did this and quickly grew bored.  He remembered the cards better than me. Then, I let him play a toddler alphabet learning ap. In this ap, 3 letters are presented. The ap has a button to push which says one of the letters. The object is to pick out the correct letter that the ap asks for. Anyhow, after all of 3 times playing I started noticing that he was selecting the correct letter. No big deal, right? Well the clincher is that he was picking out the correct letter before hearing which letter the ap wanted him to pick!

I’m dead serious.

There is no way that a 25 month old could accomplish this unless he has a kick-butt memory system in that noggin of his.  Even as early as a year and a half old he memorized his huge stack of alphabet and number cards and the majority of his three favorite story books in two languages. With this same memory he memorized the colors of the rainbow in order, argued with me that a windmill is in fact a turbine, and could recognize the numbers 1-10 in 3 languages- all before age two. He recently memorized 2 more videos and started to recognize the rhythms of musical notes. He doesn’t forget anything. He also said this weekend, “The Mommy and the daddy and then circle and then eat and then everything all done.” It may not sound like much, except for that in one video a dinner plate is used to represent a circle, and we were about to sit down to eat dinner. He based his grammar on both English and ASL.

I am starting to realize that this kid really is very bright, in fact and not just by my own instincts.  I just hope and pray that I do a good job with providing him with everything he needs to excel in whatever talents he may have.

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