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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Law, Have Mercy!

Yesterday was a no-good very bad day.  I woke up after only four hours of sleep and got busy tidying up the house. I am not a morning person, so I figured that it makes more sense to do unpleasant things while already grumpy than to do it later when I’m not so grumpy. Anyhow, I cleaned away and was a total machine of efficiency machine I tell you! Knowing that we had to leave for an event in Cincinnati around five, and that I would need a nap before then, efficiency was necessary to make the day a success. Shortly before noon, I decided to go ahead and put our lunch in the oven before sitting down to make a quick (quick!) call to my insurance company’s pharmacy to find out where in the world my fertility medications are. I thought ahead of the call to gather every piece of information that they may ask for and be off the phone in time for lunch. I gathered half a dozen cards and documents and sat down at my computer to make the relay call. My stomach growled.

I entered the number and the relay placed the call. I watched as the relay operator (RO) typed out endless options push options. Finally, a real live person picked up on the receiving end and asked how they could help me. The RO explained in detail how to talk to me using the relay service. She explained that she needed to say “Go Ahead” (GA) at the end of her statements to let me know that it was my turn to talk. Yet throughout the whole conversation, the speed-talking lady omitted the polite little “GA.”  The result is that I had to waste tons of precious time “listening” to her as she went through her usual insurance checklists when I could have just told her what we needed to know. It went something like this (with the relay operator typing whatever the insurance tech said):

*Speed-talking insurance tech (IT): Tell me your full name, date of birth, insurance member number, SS number of primary holder, and size of your big toe in mm, not inches.

(I told her)

*Hyper IT: Great! I see you here on my screen. Looks like you have three medications for the fertility cycle ordered for you. So next I’ll search to see which ones are covered and give you the prices of them…. (no “GA” inserted sighs)

*(I know which cotton-picking ones are covered lady! But alas, I had to remain silent)

*5 minutes later, the IT says: Ok so it says here that x, y, are not covered and z is…so (blablablabla- she continues for 10    minutes)

Anyhow….I am not going to bore you to death with the details of an hour long conversation with numerous, unbearable minutes being placed on hold, tethered to the computer and unable to go anywhere in fear of missing the end of the hold and being hung up on. I ended up having to learn all sorts of joyous insurance terms and processes, including appeals, terminations, and so forth. I had moments of panic as they informed me that one of the medications was already in the mail and scheduled to be delivered a week after I am supposed to start taking it for this cycle. It all ended up sorted out, and I am currently waiting for the medications to be delivered any minute now.

Due to being on the phone with insurance and emailing people to get things straightened out, I did not get to take a nap before it was time to get us both ready for the event. I got Nathan dressed after my shower, and then he promptly plopped his finely dressed rear on some spilled milk. I wrestled him into another outfit, and rushed to get myself ready. I couldn’t find the key to my car. I thought that I had left it in my car, and so I went outside to peek in my car windows to see if I could fine it.

Did I mention that it was pouring down rain monsoon style? Or that my city declared itself flooded under a flood warning?

Nathan followed me outside, without a jacket, in the cold pouring rain. I had to chase him back inside before I could resume my window search for my car keys. I got even more wet. I ran back inside and recalled my remote start key for my car. The car can be cranked with this remote and I thought I recalled reading that it can also unlock the car as well as a few other nifty tricks. The remote as only one button, and so the various features are directed by pushing the one button in various patterns. I held the button down and the car started. Shoot, I thought, that’s not it. Leaning out the front door, while trying to block a protesting toddler from running outside with my leg blocking the door, I tried again. I pushed the button twice and nothing visable happened. Finally! I thought, I must have unlocked the door. I started to trot off to my car and remembered that Nathan would follow, so I retraced my steps in order to lock the door behind me. In the rain.

My car was still locked. Not only that, but I had accidentally opened the sun roof. In the rain. I panicked and push the button again, the car turned off with the sunroof still open. I wrestled a few more minutes with it and managed to get the car cranked again and the sunroof closed. I went back inside and saw that we were way too late to make it to the event. I still had to find my key, dry my soaked car interior and myself, and go pick up Chris who was stranded at work waiting for me.


It was a bad day indeed, but the evening was rescued when we decided to treat ourselves to some beloved Indian food at our favorite restaurant. We returned home with full, content bellies and went to bed in good spirits. 🙂



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