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A Fertility Journey Oopsy

Technology can be a lifesaver for scatterbrained folks like myself.  Take the iPhone calendar for example. With the calendar I can set up all the information I need for my fertility journey. I can set up reminders and alerts for the medication protocol an appointments. Yesterday my handy-dandy calendar alerted me to start phase II of my fertility protocol Gonal-F injections. I saw the “Start Gonal-F” message and immediately took my shot. Later last night, I went to view my calendar to see how many days of injections I had to do when I realized I made a huge mistake. The “start Gonal-F” message was supposed to have been set up to alert me on the date of event, but I had accidentally set it up to send me the message one day too soon.

I tried not to panic as I emailed my doc about my mistake.  I was terrified that my mistake would mean that this cycle attempt would be cancelled.  She replied and told me to finish the tablet protocol and to not take any more Gonal-F injections.  It was pretty late to be emailing so no further explanations were offered. I was just happy to have been given some instructions.

Today I am trying to find out more information as to what to expect this cycle. As for how I have been feeling, I actually feel ok. I am very tired most of the time because one side effect of the tablets is insomnia. Then of course I feel lazy during the day and anxious and frustrated because I am not doing as well with keeping the house up to par. I also have some headaches but I recall having the same thing with Nathan’s IVF cycle.

Anyhow…I shall update soon with more information. Keeping my fingers crossed!

As for Nathan (26m)- he is doing so well. Homeschooling efforts are still going on. He is focusing on shapes and numbers now. He likes to play a game where he has to cards with numbers 0-10 in order. He also likes to play a game where he says “One, two, three- GO!” and he runs accross the room as fast as he can. I switched it up a little and changed the language to Japanese. So now we say, “Ichi, Ni, Son- Hajime!”  I sign to him without voicing as well. He loves playing!

He is learning his shapes. So far he knows circle, triangle, square, diamond, rectangle, heart, star, oval, hexagon, sphere, and parallelogram.  I haven’t really worked with him on this. Instead, he plays this ap on the iPad where he reviews his shapes.  He then started coming up to me and pointing to every possible shape that he could find in his environment and telling me what shape it is. For example, he’ll grab his ball and tell me, “Green ball sphere right there.”

I’m really glad that he likes the iPad and playing the educational games. He likes a few of the entertainment games as well. I proud of him for being good with technology, though I don’t like being beat at the game Angry Birds by a newly-minted 2 year old. 🙂



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