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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


My massive treatment-induced headache has toned down for a moment, so I thought I would make a quick post.  I totally forgot how bad of a eye-crossing headache the fertility medication can give me. I woke up at 4am this morning feeling about as miserable as I could be. I could not go back to sleep for several hours due the cotton-picking headache. I tried Advil (made me nauseous), Tylenol (is there even medicine in that?), coffee (made the pounding worse), tea with cardamom (yummy, no good though), peppermint tea (actually seemed to help), and hylands migraine remedy.

I stumbled through the morning and finally called the nurse about my head killing me, especially because I know that this will get worse before it improves.  I feel like such a wuss for not just sucking it up. If I didn’t have a son and other responsibilities, I could probably deal with hours of being laid up with a headache. I can only deal with so many hours of misery before I start feeling like I want to cry and just be over it already. Anyhow, my doc is going to call in a stronger headache medicine so I am going to drag the two of us out into the rain to go pick up the medicine and hope it works. I’m ready to get over this already. Got to run…feeling another one come on. Sighs.


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