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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

New Beginnings…2012

On New Years day the time finally arrived for me to take a home pregnancy test. I took a few tests up to this point, but I took a digital pregnancy test because I wanted to know 100% without a doubt the result of this fertility treatment cycle. I did the test, said a prayer which bordered along the lines of begging, and waited 3 unbelievably long minutes until the cotton-picking test would finally spell it out for me. I took a deep breath and looked at the results. Here is what I saw:

I promptly flipped the heck out, saying a few “holy cows” and blessing guacamole. Then I calmed myself down and sobered myself with the facts. The truth is that getting pregnant is only half the journey for me. I have to somehow get past the next few precarious weeks to have the best chances of having a baby.  I am on blood thinning injections, baby asprin, super B complex vitamins, and progesterone pregnancy support to help counteract the factors against me having a viable pregnancy.  The injections are new, and I am depending on them to help me through this very risky time. I am absolutely terrified.

For now I am taking it one careful day at a time. I am drinking tons of water, resting when I need to, not lifting anything heavy, and keeping my mind on positive thoughts.  Aside from painful pouch issues keeping me up all night, I feel terrific. I have not had any vomiting and only a little bit of nausea when I get hungry or too hot. I hope that it means this pregnancy, if viable, will be easier than it was with Nathan.

I have a blood test tomorrow to check on my beta HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels.  The blood levels have to double ever other day for the pregnancy to be viable. If the levels keep doubling, I should have a sonogram in a week or two. After I see a heartbeat I will be much more relaxed and excited about this pregnancy. Please keep this little bean (or beans!) in your thoughts and prayers.

Here’s to new beginnings…Happy New Years!


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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings…2012

  1. Jackie on said:

    I’m so rooting for you!! I don’t think I’ve ever wished anyone to have kids, but I do for you!

  2. Amanda on said:

    Yayayay! So flipping excited for you!!!

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