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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

It has been a very long, exhausting two weeks for me. I just completed my second work week, so I am still very much trying to figure out how to balance everything. To be fair, I spend the last week and a half getting over the black plague or flu, whatever its called. Anyhow, I really love the folks and students I am working with at my job.

I have tons of catching up to do around the house, but just wanted to update on a cute conversation that Nathan and I just had.

He has been doing this thing lately where he starts asking for various things when he gets bored. He mostly signs, so here’s the translation:

Nathan: Can I have some colors? (crayons)

Me: No, you don’t need any colors. (I’m still trying to scrub off his latest artwork on our wall).

Nathan: Um…how about a red (crayon)?

Me: No, you don’t need a red.

Nathan: A please?

Me: No

Nathan: Um….how about a blue? (gives me a smile)

Me: No blue either. (He frowns)

Nathan: Um….a orange color, please?

Me: Nathan, we are NOT coloring right now. Go play.

Nathan: (pauses) ……WHAAAAAAHH!

(I ignore him. He stops fussing and goes to play.)

Two minutes later, I feel him tugging my shirt…

Nathan: A green color?



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