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Future project?

Something that I keep seeing floating around on pinterest is couches with colorful, mismatched pillows. I keep looking at my slightly boring couch pillows and wondering how it would look with bright pillows instead. I went online and looked at fabrics. I picked out some that I liked and put them together to see how it would look on my gold chenille couches. Here’s the picture I came up with:

I really like it! I chose indoor/outdoor fabrics for obvious reasons (ahem- Nathan). I can sew slipcovers so that I can wash them as needed with ease. I think it looks cute!


Color circle bites

Random updates about Nathan:

Nathan’s communication skills just exploded. I usually sign to him and voice my signs. So now he is putting together sentences and being rather innovative about it. For example, he wanted some fruit loops cereal for a snack. He didn’t know the official name of the cereal, so he asked for “color circle bites from the pantry.”  When he wanted some cheese dorito chips to go with his lunch, he asked for, “orange pizza bites.”  I need to start voicing official names of things so he can learn them.

Yesterday we went outside to play ball.  He is starting to catch balls that we through and hits them baseball style.  He likes to dictate games that he makes up. One game is he makes me pitch the ball, then he hits it with a stick. Then he has to run and kick it toward me, but wants me to run and get it too. If I get it before him, then he has to run away from me and I have to throw the ball at him dodge-ball style.  Then it starts all over again with me pitching the ball. He is very picky about me following the rules of his game.

I really need to find something intellectually challenging for him to do.  I think his somewhat elaborate ‘manipulation’ schemes is just a natural focal point for his thoughts. I am wondering if providing him with a different challenge to focus on will help satisfy this need of his. Its just hard right now because his little body is still that of a 2-year old and he can’t physically do what his mind wants him to be able to do.  I guess my challenge will be to figure out something appropriate for his age.  I do not have a clue where to start.

Anyhow, he is doing so well otherwise. It is amazing to see him transforming before my eyes from a toddler to looking more and more like a little boy.  To have this wonderful child call me, “mommy” is worth more than all of the gold on this Earth times ten.  🙂

At the Zoo

Nathan 3. Mom 1.

It is super late tonight and I am very tired, but I really want to write down a few things that happened today.

Today was a day of alarming revelations about this child of mine. I know that he is smart, but I am starting to realize how crafty he can be. Today I wanted to swing by Walgreens to get some of their sales items.  While we were getting into the car, he was listing every place he could think of hoping to figure out where we were going.  Telling him we were going to the store wasn’t good enough for him. I never considered telling him the store names before. I thought that a 2 year old would not really care which store we go to. Anyhow, he doesn’t know the names of the stores but knows exactly where to turn at every intersection to go to all of the places we go to.  If he says that he wants to go to a particular place, and we don’t turn off at the right road, he gets very mad at us.  That’s how I know he knows our routes.

Anyhow, he immediately recognized what he calls the “red W” store (Walgreens).  I tried to tell him that “red W” is really called Walgreens. He thought about it but decided that there is absolutely no evidence of any color green on that big red W sign, so “red W” it is.

We’ve been in there a few times before and I know that he LOVES the toy aisle there.  Last time we went, I made a point to avoid the aisle hoping to avoid a tantrum in public.  It worked, sort-of.  Today, I parked the car and went to get him out. He saw his little golf ball on the floor and absolutely insisted on bringing it with him.  I thought that it was odd but let him have it anyways.  I found out why later.

We entered the store.  He seems to know the floor plan or layout of each place that we’ve visited before, Walgreens included. As we neared the toy aisle, he started to pay close attention to the isles. The second I pushed my cart in view of the toy aisle, he tossed his little ball down the aisle and immediately started throwing a tantrum over his “lost” ball.  I had no choice but to push him along with me down the toy isle to retrieve the silly ball.  Yes…my son pulled a fast one on me.  I need to learn not to underestimate him.

On the way home, he kept saying his ABCs as fast as humanly possible. At the end, he would add, “Next time will you “ting” wiff meeeee!”  I thought it was adorable so I tried to sneak a recording with my iphone.  He saw a flash of my pink iPhone case and immediately stopped singing.  I tried to hide it a little better and told him it was off but he knew that was not the case. Little stinker.

At home tonight, I was quietly telling C about an earlier incident of Nathan misbehaving and how I handled it.  Nathan seemed to be suspiciously quiet, presumably engrossed in a blaring iPad movie.  Right when I started telling C about how we need to be on our guard for Nathan pulling tricks on us, Nathan skipped over and started trying to make us change the subject. He’s been doing this since before he turned 2 but this is the first time I’ve seen him plan it ahead of time.  This incident plus the whole golf ball trick was both planned well in advanced, which totally changes the name of the game when it comes to not being (embarrassingly) outwitted by this child.

It a way, it is a little intimidating. If he is already capable of masterminding things like this at 2 years old, before he even has a full vocabulary, then what will he be doing at 5?  I mean, come on, this kid is still in DIAPERS and I’m having to reverse engineer any new tricks to evaluate if it is deliberate or truly an accident.  He KNOWS this. After he dropped the ball, I gave him the look which tells him that I know he did it on purpose. He was watching my reaction and quickly switched on the michevious charm that I know all too well.

Oh! During lunch, I was making a list. He asked for more food so I got up to fix it. He jumped down and randomly ran to the pile of clothes on the couch, then ran back to his seat. I saw him closely watching my face. I noticed this look of his and knew that he was up to no good, but didn’t put it all together until I noticed that my pen was missing and that he didn’t want any of the food that he asked me to get for him. Yes…another trick pulled on me. I told him to give me my pen back. He played dumb, saying “A pen? On the table?” I told him to knock it off and go get my pen right this minute. I headed toward the pile of clothes on the couch, knowing that he stashed it there, and he set out to distract me. He grabbed my clothes and some socks and ran off to throw them down the stairs.  I started to go and get the clothes and realized exactly what he was trying to do. I knew that he intended to retrieve the pen and put it in a better hiding place while I was out of sight. I turned and around and went back. There was Nathan with the pen in his hand. Busted! A point for mom. Our official score of the day is Nathan:3. Mom:1.

Bring. It. On.

Send a stork, please

The other day, out of the blue, C looked into my eyes and said, “I really hope we have another child soon.”

To be honest, I am terrified of going through hyperemesis (HG) again.  With Nathan, by the time we realized what was going on, I was already too weak to think clearly and had no choice but to just get through it one hour at a time. For those of you who are not familiar with HG, it is NOT your usual morning sickness.  Have you ever had a really bad stomach virus where you vomited at the very thought of any food or fluids hitting your stomach? Its a lot like that, but instead of lasting 24 hours it goes on every hour of every day for MONTHS. Nausea and vomiting during HG is usually made worse not only by trying to swallow anything, but also by ordinary smells, vibrations, changing positions, walking, being touched, wind blowing on your face, and even light. Vomiting blood at some point is not unusual. Basic hygiene goes out of the window. Most HG sufferers quickly figure out some do’s and don’ts to help them cope through the illness.

There were times when I laid on the bathroom floor with painful, pulled abdominal muscles too weak to move. I had painful sores in my mouth from the acid, plus an irregular heart beat which left me honestly wondering if it was possible to die from this (it is). I am not even going to go into the lower GI issues which left me with a total lack of sleep and dignity, nor will I go into the guilt and feelings of worthlessness from being rendered invalid from this horrible condition. So you guys can understand why I find myself fantasizing about skipping the whole pregnancy business and just have a stork drop off our bundle of love instead.

HG aside, I absolutely LOVED being pregnant. There is nothing like feeling your child’s first kicks inside the womb. From the moment I found out I was expecting, my growing baby was always in my thoughts and the love I felt for  him is indescribable. I would totally go through HG again one last time to bring a child into the world.  However, this time around, I want to go into this armed to the gills with research about my options.  Instead of pretending like everything is fine, I will let those around me know when I need their help and support.  I want to see a supportive OB who understands day-to-day life with HG. I want to have a PICC line with home IV and nutrition as soon as HG kicks in. While HG pregnancies are not easy for women or the loved ones around them, it certainly makes the birth of the baby seem even more special and rewarding. Having Nathan around will help to remind us that at the end of the tunnel there will be another child who we will love beyond words like we do with Nathan.

Anyhow, I have no clue if or when we’ll consider trying for a baby. C, myself, and even Nathan certainly feel in our hearts that we would be overjoyed with having a baby.  I am hoping that God will bless us when he sees fit, or else put the next steps on our hearts when the time is right.

Busy Bee

Oh my goodness…I just finished the craziest two weeks of work. My schedules overlapped at both colleges so I ended up working every day.  At one college it was final exam time so the lab was filled with busy, stressed out students.  At the other, classes were just starting so I was trying to learn my way around the very big campus and the behind the scenes work that comes with teaching.  After work, I had groceries to buy, cleaning to do, a family to feed, and a child to take care of.

Nathan has been really enjoying going to his homeschool preschool toddler class and to the nanny’s.  Sometimes I think he gets a little bored here by himself. He often asks to go see his buddies on our at-home days.  He is doing very well with his lessons. He has been able to say his ABC’s and number 1-20 by himself for a little while now.  He seems good with English at 2 1/2 years old and does not confuse pronouns so far.  Some of the things he says are: Mommy, the ball right there, you get it; My soccer ball is outside; Mommy help me open the door; Um…I want some apple juice in my blue cup; My shoes? I go find it. Here it is! I go outside!

He is a perfectionist when it comes to pronouncing all of the words in the sentence.  As for other news about Nathan, he is definitely all boy.  He is obsessed with balls: baseballs, basketball, soccer balls, and footballs.  He can throw straight and far.  He can pack quite a punch.

Speaking of, the boy actually broke my nose last week using that big noggin of his. The two of us were outside and I was working on potting some plants.  He spotted my hand shovel by my side and apparently was running to grab it when his noggin and my nose crossed paths in a very painful way. It felt like someone tossed a bowling ball at my face. For a moment, I heard high-pitch sounds and my vision went black. Nathan was totally fine, my nose was not. I went inside to see the damage and saw a newly formed ridge on the opposite side of impact. My forehead, upper lip, nose, eyes, and cheeks were swollen for awhile and my top teeth really hurt, especially at night. The doctor said that some of the nerves to the upper jaw area must have been affected. I’m just glad that Nathan is ok.

Anyhow…I better go get busy around the house and get this child down for his nap. 🙂

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