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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

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Send a stork, please

The other day, out of the blue, C looked into my eyes and said, “I really hope we have another child soon.”

To be honest, I am terrified of going through hyperemesis (HG) again.  With Nathan, by the time we realized what was going on, I was already too weak to think clearly and had no choice but to just get through it one hour at a time. For those of you who are not familiar with HG, it is NOT your usual morning sickness.  Have you ever had a really bad stomach virus where you vomited at the very thought of any food or fluids hitting your stomach? Its a lot like that, but instead of lasting 24 hours it goes on every hour of every day for MONTHS. Nausea and vomiting during HG is usually made worse not only by trying to swallow anything, but also by ordinary smells, vibrations, changing positions, walking, being touched, wind blowing on your face, and even light. Vomiting blood at some point is not unusual. Basic hygiene goes out of the window. Most HG sufferers quickly figure out some do’s and don’ts to help them cope through the illness.

There were times when I laid on the bathroom floor with painful, pulled abdominal muscles too weak to move. I had painful sores in my mouth from the acid, plus an irregular heart beat which left me honestly wondering if it was possible to die from this (it is). I am not even going to go into the lower GI issues which left me with a total lack of sleep and dignity, nor will I go into the guilt and feelings of worthlessness from being rendered invalid from this horrible condition. So you guys can understand why I find myself fantasizing about skipping the whole pregnancy business and just have a stork drop off our bundle of love instead.

HG aside, I absolutely LOVED being pregnant. There is nothing like feeling your child’s first kicks inside the womb. From the moment I found out I was expecting, my growing baby was always in my thoughts and the love I felt for  him is indescribable. I would totally go through HG again one last time to bring a child into the world.  However, this time around, I want to go into this armed to the gills with research about my options.  Instead of pretending like everything is fine, I will let those around me know when I need their help and support.  I want to see a supportive OB who understands day-to-day life with HG. I want to have a PICC line with home IV and nutrition as soon as HG kicks in. While HG pregnancies are not easy for women or the loved ones around them, it certainly makes the birth of the baby seem even more special and rewarding. Having Nathan around will help to remind us that at the end of the tunnel there will be another child who we will love beyond words like we do with Nathan.

Anyhow, I have no clue if or when we’ll consider trying for a baby. C, myself, and even Nathan certainly feel in our hearts that we would be overjoyed with having a baby.  I am hoping that God will bless us when he sees fit, or else put the next steps on our hearts when the time is right.

Busy Bee

Oh my goodness…I just finished the craziest two weeks of work. My schedules overlapped at both colleges so I ended up working every day.  At one college it was final exam time so the lab was filled with busy, stressed out students.  At the other, classes were just starting so I was trying to learn my way around the very big campus and the behind the scenes work that comes with teaching.  After work, I had groceries to buy, cleaning to do, a family to feed, and a child to take care of.

Nathan has been really enjoying going to his homeschool preschool toddler class and to the nanny’s.  Sometimes I think he gets a little bored here by himself. He often asks to go see his buddies on our at-home days.  He is doing very well with his lessons. He has been able to say his ABC’s and number 1-20 by himself for a little while now.  He seems good with English at 2 1/2 years old and does not confuse pronouns so far.  Some of the things he says are: Mommy, the ball right there, you get it; My soccer ball is outside; Mommy help me open the door; Um…I want some apple juice in my blue cup; My shoes? I go find it. Here it is! I go outside!

He is a perfectionist when it comes to pronouncing all of the words in the sentence.  As for other news about Nathan, he is definitely all boy.  He is obsessed with balls: baseballs, basketball, soccer balls, and footballs.  He can throw straight and far.  He can pack quite a punch.

Speaking of, the boy actually broke my nose last week using that big noggin of his. The two of us were outside and I was working on potting some plants.  He spotted my hand shovel by my side and apparently was running to grab it when his noggin and my nose crossed paths in a very painful way. It felt like someone tossed a bowling ball at my face. For a moment, I heard high-pitch sounds and my vision went black. Nathan was totally fine, my nose was not. I went inside to see the damage and saw a newly formed ridge on the opposite side of impact. My forehead, upper lip, nose, eyes, and cheeks were swollen for awhile and my top teeth really hurt, especially at night. The doctor said that some of the nerves to the upper jaw area must have been affected. I’m just glad that Nathan is ok.

Anyhow…I better go get busy around the house and get this child down for his nap. 🙂

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