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Color circle bites

Random updates about Nathan:

Nathan’s communication skills just exploded. I usually sign to him and voice my signs. So now he is putting together sentences and being rather innovative about it. For example, he wanted some fruit loops cereal for a snack. He didn’t know the official name of the cereal, so he asked for “color circle bites from the pantry.”  When he wanted some cheese dorito chips to go with his lunch, he asked for, “orange pizza bites.”  I need to start voicing official names of things so he can learn them.

Yesterday we went outside to play ball.  He is starting to catch balls that we through and hits them baseball style.  He likes to dictate games that he makes up. One game is he makes me pitch the ball, then he hits it with a stick. Then he has to run and kick it toward me, but wants me to run and get it too. If I get it before him, then he has to run away from me and I have to throw the ball at him dodge-ball style.  Then it starts all over again with me pitching the ball. He is very picky about me following the rules of his game.

I really need to find something intellectually challenging for him to do.  I think his somewhat elaborate ‘manipulation’ schemes is just a natural focal point for his thoughts. I am wondering if providing him with a different challenge to focus on will help satisfy this need of his. Its just hard right now because his little body is still that of a 2-year old and he can’t physically do what his mind wants him to be able to do.  I guess my challenge will be to figure out something appropriate for his age.  I do not have a clue where to start.

Anyhow, he is doing so well otherwise. It is amazing to see him transforming before my eyes from a toddler to looking more and more like a little boy.  To have this wonderful child call me, “mommy” is worth more than all of the gold on this Earth times ten.  🙂

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