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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

8 Doggies, My Boy Has

Whew! Can you believe this heat? Yesterday it was so warm that Nathan got to play in the little pool.  I made sure to keep him hydrated with plenty of drinks. I also covered the poor, fair skinned child from head to toe in 100 SPF sunscreen. He totally loves being slathered with the greasy stuff (not).

As for me, I am doing well. I’ve been very tired lately, especially in the heat. POTS and heat just do not mix. It makes me grateful that we live where we do. I can’t imagine how my quality of life would be if I had to deal with this sort of heat (or worse) any more than I already do.

Anyhow, Nathan is getting so big. He just learned how to jump the other day with both feet off of the ground. So now his favorite thing to do is to jump (and jump and jump) just after his bath, stark naked.

He also seems to be a whiz at math. For the first time ever, I asked him a simple addition problem and asked for the sum. He got it right. Then I decided to make it a little more complex, asking him this: “Nathan, if mommy has 2 doggies and you have 2 doggies, how many doggies are there?”  He ignored me, so I repeated the question again, this time omitting the names. He looked at me, and impatiently quipped his answer, “Eight.” He ran off to play. At first I thought he was wrong, since I was asking for 2+2=4. Then I realized that he added ALL of the doggies since I didn’t specify whose doggies the repeated sentence belonged to. He got it right. He is 2.5 years old.

I haven’t even worked with him on addition yet, so needless to say I’m very surprised.  It is a little scary when he offers these little glimpses of what’s going on in that noggin of his. It makes me realize that I am nowhere near giving him access to the type of stimulation that he apparently requires. I really need to start teaching him to read again. Awhile back, I started working with him and he picked up sight words like it was going out of style. I think if I can get him started reading that it will open the world to him. He can then take off and study whatever his little heart desires.





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