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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Bye, baby Bye

I just dropped C and Nathan off at the airport. They are flying South for 9 whole days. Nathan was hyper and thrilled to be flying on a real airplane, while his mommy choked back tears as I waved good-bye to my baby boy.  Lots of goodies and fun people await his arrive down South, so he will be too busy living the life to miss me overly much. As for me, I’ll probably cry a lot but I know my baby will have a great time.

C looked scared to death to be flying alone with a toddler. He’s always had me to depend on, but now he is on his own. Stinky diapers, mini-tantrums, food/drink prep, entertainment, and a disappearing 3-foot tall toddler will have to be managed along with a stroller, carry-on bag, and navigating airports between flights.  I did what I could in terms of packing things for him to do and giving him advice about how to handle various situations, but it is up to him in the end.  I gave them all lots of hugs and kisses and kindly reminded C that if he loses my child that I will hunt his tall self down and he will see his very life flash before his eyes. Or something like that. It’s not that I don’t trust him, its just that I think that moms tend to have eyes on the back of their heads. I know that I can read my child like a book and take preventive action as needed to keep him safe. Dad’s tend to take the more laid back approach and learn from mistakes instead of predicting every possible scenario at all times and preventing mistakes. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

When the trip was planned, we quickly realized that there was no way I could miss a week of work due to it being the end of the term with finals and the office work involved in wrapping up a class for the quarter. I figured I could deal with missing my baby by keeping myself busy with housework, projects, and working.  However, my doctor wants me to take it easy so now most of what I planned on doing is off limits.  I am thinking of having the ASL moms over for a girl’s night.  I can fix pizza and pop corn while we watch a movie and hang out.  🙂

For housework, I am thinking since I will not be taking care of Nathan that I can substitute caring for him and exert equal effort toward getting things clean and organized.  There are so many things that I need to tackle in the house. One thing I am dreading is cleaning the “no-man’s land” places in my toddler-based household. Under the couch, between the cushions, the diaper pail, under his bed are all places I prefer to pretend do not exist. (You mom’s know exactly what I am talking about!)

Anyhow, I am totally confident that I will get through this week next few days day just fine. (I hope).

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