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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Just like his daddy…

When he was born,

He looked just like you,

That boy is your son,

Through and through.

He waves you goodbye,

As you leave for work each day,

He waits for you each evening,

Waiting for his Daddy to come his way.

He practices his golf game and swing,

Each day (all day) outside,

But when he sees his daddy watching him,

His little face lights up with pride.

When you cut the grass,

He pushes his mower right behind you,

He follows your ever step,

Doing exactly what you do.

You see, this little boy, your son,

You’re the man he tries so hard to be,

So if you ever wonder, just look at him,

And a great man is what you’ll see.


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