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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

ALMOST there…

Tomorrow is a day that I have been counting down for over a week now. C and my baby will FINALLY come home! I’ve missed them both so stinkin’ much.  It was getting to the point where my heart started to ache when I thought of them.  You have to understand that I have never been apart from Nathan for more than one night in the two and a half years since he was born, and from C for more than a few days. I think what makes it harder on us is that we are both deaf.  Hearing folks can just make a quick call or two while riding in the car or whatnot.  We had to resort to texting for most of our communication, which is a pain in the rear. We could have texted back and forth all day and still not have managed the same quality/quantity of conversation as a hearing person could talking on the phone.

We  also arranged some time on facetime/video chat, but that didn’t work out well either.  Half of the time C misunderstood what I said and (I think) vice versa. I think it was because of the lighting and poor video quality.  Then arranging it is a pain in the rear because we first had to text and wait for each other to respond, then set up a time to call and hope the other one picks up. It did allow me to actually see my baby, and each other, so it was worth it. Actually, I did not get to talk to Nathan much, it was more like flashes of him running around and showing me his toys. 😉 The sweetest thing is that I would tell him to give me a kissy, and I would see those big, puckered lips of his inching toward the camera to give it a smooch. We also play a word game when we say our goodbyes. It goes like this:

Me: I love you more!

N: I love you more, more!

Me: I love you more, more, mostest!

N: No! I love YOU more, more, mostest most!

And so on. Isn’t that sweet? ❤

I’m so glad they’ll be here tomorrow.  I picked up an itsy, bitsy baseball glove for Nathan when he comes home. It has velcro in the palm of the glove, plus on the baseball, which will help him hold the ball once he catches it.  I also saw my friend’s post on facebook about a homemade strawberry ‘coffee’ cake.  I quickly whipped one up as a coming-home cake tomorrow for them.  I managed to fix C’s smoker, so I am probably going to smoke something for our dinner tomorrow.

Can you tell I’m excited? Just a tad bit? 😉


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