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One more week to go…

I can’t believe I’m almost out of my first trimester! I have had quite a bit of nausea and fatigue, but not ONCE have I actually thrown up. I just can’t get over that. My pouch is still behaving beautifully, which means that I can sleep for 3-4 hours at a time at night between having to get up.  That is as good as, if not better, than I do when I’m NOT pregnant. Awesome.

Even without the vomiting, I do not think that I will be overly big with this one either.  I guess my body type just doesn’t allow for a cute, obvious baby bump.  I am just shy of 3 months pregnant and to be honest I don’t look any different than when I’m not pregnant, sans bloating.  I don’t think I have gained any weight yet, though I can tell my abdomen is expanding.  I know that the sonogram technician said that the uterus is already out of the pelvis, but I can’t feel anything at all.  It seems to be toward my back.  Oh well, as long as the baby is healthy, who cares, right?

Anyhow…Nathan still insists that I am having him a baby brother to love.  It is SO different expecting the second time around. For starters, I am not even concerned about gathering any baby supplies. With Nathan, I was smart enough to register for gender-neutral basics so that I can use it for the next child. I already have all of the gear that I need and even have neutral crib bedding.  I have some experience under my belt and know that for the first 6 months all I need is a double electric pump and other nursing supplies, some clothing, burp cloths, blankets, my co-sleeper bassinet, a car seat, baby carrier, and his little portable bouncer seat.  I have to restock my nursing supplies but I am pretty much all set for the baby.  I even have tons of one-size cloth diapers ready to use after I recover from the birth well enough to use them.

One thing I do want to make is a wrap-style baby sling.  It is mainly just a few yards of soft material that you can use to secure the baby to you. They love being close to mommy, and it gives mommy’s arms a break from holding the baby.  I am definitely anti-container baby.  I prefer to carry my baby around in a sling instead of sticking them in a carseat or other container of some sort.  Babies thrive from the extra motion stimulation and human contact, and I found that more contact with my baby helps keep up the supply for nursing as well as keeping me in tune to my baby’s needs. It’s just what works for me.

I still can’t believe I am having a baby! I can’t wait to see those little toes and soft downy head snuggled under my chin. Six more months to go! 🙂




HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! The little stinker keeps moving around everywhere in there. 😉  We finally decided to announce the pregnancy to everyone now that I’m in my 11th week.  Everyone is so excited for us.  🙂

Still pregnant?

I am seriously nervous that I am no longer pregnant.  I haven’t been able to pick up the heartbeat for a few days with the fetal doppler, but I know better than to worry about that. At 11 weeks along, the baby is active and moves all around so it is not unusual to not pick up the heartbeat.  All week I have been feeling very rough. I have been craving tons of spinach with vinegar. I thought that morning sickness had just gotten worse, but I think it may have been a stomach virus or hormone levels dropping.   All day yesterday I had a bad GI issue which left me very dehydrated.  My OB wanted me to go to the ER to get IV fluids. Since the ER is expensive, and I was able to drink, I opted to try rehydrating orally instead.  Then, around 8pm last night, I started having tons of abdominal pain. I was so tired and already in bed, so I just kept the heating pad on my abdomen and it helped to lessen the pain.

Today I woke up and my ‘girls’ were sore and itchy, which is something that happened when I had my 6 week miscarriage. My morning sickness is tons better today, and I am not as bloated.  I am still exhausted even after sleeping off and on for 12 hours last night, but that is probably due to being dehydrated.  My abdominal pain is gone now as well.  I just do not know what to think at this point. I guess it could go either way, but I would not be surprised at all if they do not find a heartbeat.  I am trying not to worry and just accept whatever happens from this point on.  If anything changes, I may end up having to go to the ER after C gets home from golf so he can watch Nathan while I’m gone.  I’m praying that everything is ok, and that I just had a little scare with a belly bug, and that my baby is fine and thriving in there.

Minding his Mommy…or else

Lately I have been getting onto Nathan about minding his Mommy better.  I have always ‘meant what I say’ when speaking to him, and follow through consistently with him if he doesn’t listen to me.  Now I have stepped it up a little more and my new rule is that I will ask him to do something no more than twice. If he does not follow through, then he goes in time-out. Period.

I implemented this new rule today.  I am pretty much the only person he ever really listens to, but lately due to feeling rough he hasn’t been listening to me. For example, if I call for him to come to me so I can get him changed and dressed, he started ignoring my request until the 3rd or 4th time I asked him, usually in an increasingly annoyed tone of voice.  This is unacceptable and disrespectful. I quickly grew tired of this game of his and decided to put my foot down and make the child understand how to respect his parents. The first few tries, he did his usual and ignored me at first.  I then walked up to him, made him look me in the eyes, and repeated my request. He pouted but did do what I told him to do.  I didn’t even have to put him in time-out! Whoo-hoo!

I am not one of those strict, militant kinds of parents. I think I have a very balanced approach toward rearing him. I am very well aware that it is our responsibility to teach him right from wrong, his manners, and how to have a good attitude toward life and other people.  I never, ever just give in because of laziness,impatience, or because it suits me better at the moment. I follow through with him because I know that I am shaping the kind of person that he’ll be as an adult now. He is too important to me for me to do anything less than what is best for him.

I am also silly and spontaneous with him.  I am strict when I need to be, but a fun mom the rest of the time.  I try to model the kind of person I hope he learns to be.  I want him to love learning, to be kind toward others, to have a pleasant attitude to be around, to have manners, a good work ethic, and so forth.  I like to be silly and sing and dance with him. The other night, we came up with a little yodeling skit while taking a bath. I stood next to him while he stood on the coffee table yodeling “Little old lady who” for his Dad. Did I mention that he was stark-naked while yodeling? It was quite a sight to behold! The Naked Toddler, Yodeling Duo was a huge hit in the Hearn household. 😉

Words to live by:

“Do more than belong. Participate.

Do more than care. Help.

Do more than believe. Practice.

Do more than be fair. Be kind.

Do more than forgive. Forget.

Do more than dream. Work.”

William Arthor Ward.

Feeling Rough Still…

I am finally starting to see that I do not play the part of an utterly useless creature very well, but utterly useless I am.  I am still feeling quite rough.  I have to get up every few hours during the night, but sleep well otherwise.  I am used to having most of the daylight hours where I feel pretty good and can do things as needed.  That has changed. I now have about one hour, two tops, in the mornings where I feel somewhat normal.  Then the exhaustion and nausea hits me along with a foggy headache and on the couch I go.

This is definitely one of those times where I wish C could be here and help me.  My two year old knows that I am not feeling well and takes full advantage of it. I pretty much still have to feed, dress, bathe, and keep my toddler entertained even if C is here, but at least I could try to take a nap if needed. (Trust me, a nap is needed!) I still have the rest of the week to get through, plus C has a golf tournament all weekend so I am just not going to get a break.  It is slightly overwhelming and lonely to go through this by myself for the vast majority of the time. Its hard, but C needs golf or else he’ll be seriously cranky and I can’t deal with that either.  I keep reminding myself that I have been very lucky with this pregnancy and that I’ll soon be in my second trimester and feeling better than ever. *Fingers crossed*

Naming the Bean

I can’t believe I almost forgot to update about the progress we’ve made on naming the bean! For a girl, the name will still be Natalie Noella Hearn.  We’re about 98% settled on the girl’s name.

For a boy’s name, we wanted to name him after one of the male relatives on my side of the family.  I felt it is important because my only sibling, G, will not be having any more children and only has one biological daughter along with his adorable step-daughter.  So any chance of carrying on names has to come from me.  I asked my dad if he could suggest a name from his side of the family. He immediately responded and suggested the name of his father’s brother, Uncle Willy or William.  He also suggested his father’s name, Benedict, or Ben.  Since my grandfather already has a grandson named after him, I asked C if he liked the name William or not. (He likes it!)

Next we had to come up with a middle name to go along with William.  One of the middle names I suggested before is Harrison.  C mentioned that if we change the ‘H’ in Harrison to ‘G’, then you have the name Garrison, which is very close to my dad’s name, Gary.  So at this point, we seem to both like the name William Garrison Hearn. It is a strong, traditional name and very meaningful since it takes after male relatives’ names.


Feeling Rough

I am not sure what the deal is, but ever since Father’s Day I have been feeling quite rough.  My nausea is barely under control with the maximum amount of nausea meds and following the OB’s orders.  I am exhausted and my exhaustion doesn’t seem to give a hoot that I have a house to keep up, a family to feed, and a toddler to tend to.  Baby seems to be doing perfectly fine in there.  He is active and wiggles around a lot based on how I have to chase him around to pick up the heartbeat on the fetal doppler.  I read online that symptoms peak during week 10, then seem to gradually get better.  I surely hope so.

Father’s Day 2012

Today all 3.5 of us headed out to the golf course for our first round of golf with Nathan.  Needless to say, Nathan was beyond thrilled with a chance to play ‘real’ golf with his daddy!

Nathan was such a champ. He stayed on his daddy’s heels the entire time, mimicking his every move and step.  He even got to drive the golf cart, though we didn’t exactly allow him to.  While waiting for C’s turn to play a hole, Nathan climbed into the drivers seat. Next thing I know, he floored the gas pedal and we took off on a wild ride down a hill. I finally managed to regain my balance and jerk his foot off of the gas to get the cart back under control. It took awhile to get my heart rate back within a normal range. I learned something new today- if you are in need of a jolt of energy to wake up, simply let a 2 year old drive you in a golf cart. You’ll find yourself WIDE AWAKE in no time at all. True story.

C really enjoyed playing golf with everyone today. It is nice because before Nathan was even born, C mentioned that he hopes that if he has a son, that his son will like playing golf. I guess we can consider his wish fulfilled. I forgot to mention, while on the practice greens, Nathan made a super-long putt to within inches from the hole! There were a few guys standing around and they all cheered for him. We had no idea they were even watching him. One man came over and asked us how hold “that boy” is, he guessed around 3 or 4. I told him that he is only 2 and this is his first time playing on a real golf course. He shook his head in amazement and said “that boy is something else.” I told him thanks, and that we’re pretty proud of our miracle boy too! 🙂

On one of the later holes, a storm came through and we had to call it quits. We then headed out to a BBQ place. Nathan and I claimed a table while C grabbed some food for us. He came our way with two trays overflowing with Green beans, mac & cheese, baked beans, ribs, brisket, and BBQ chicken. The poor guy placed the trays onto the table, I smelled a hint of burnt meat and ended up having to run to the bathroom to get sick. I guess Baby #2 just wanted to make sure we didn’t forget him!

We had a really nice day together. To top it all off, I came home and tried the home Fetal Doppler to see if I could pick up the baby’s heartbeat on it. It took a few tries, but I ended up finding a ‘sweet spot’ and baby’s heartbeat was galloping away! SO amazing!

Sonogram Picture

The sonogram pictures are very small and a little blurry, so I decided to trace it instead to help clarify the image. I took a picture of the main one I liked, pulled it up on the computer screen, and traced the image on paper.  It is still a little distorted, but overall it looks MUCH more clear this way. Here it is!

Here is another image of a 9-weeker I found online:

Nathan absolutely insists that he is having a baby “brover” and not a baby sister.  I know that when my mom was pregnant with me, my brother said from day one that I would be a girl and he knew what my name would be.  He was 2 and a half years old or so at the time, almost exactly the same age as Nathan is now actually.  I can’t help but to wonder if Nathan may be right about this baby.  I guess we’ll find out in about 26 weeks.  Let the countdown begin!

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