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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Naming the Bean

If you can recall, we had Nathan’s name picked out by 9 weeks of pregnancy.  True to habit, we are already pondering names for this little Bean. We have decided 100% that if it is a girl, she will be named Natalie. It comes from the word, Natalis, which refers to Christ’s nativity.  The other day, while tossing around middle names, I asked Nathan what he thought about the name Ella.  He was very cranky, but still helped me quite a bit! It went like this:

Me: Nathan, what do you think about the name, Ella?

Nathan: No Ella!

Me: You don’t like the name Ella?

Nathan: NO! No Ella!

Me: No Ella? Hmmm…..No…Ella…..Noella. I like it! Noella it is! Thank you, Nathan!

Nathan: NO! NO thank you!


I’m serious! I put the two names together and got: Natalie Noella Hearn. C and I both seem to really like the name. Plus, since it will be a Christmas baby, the name combination is a celebration of Christ and his Nativity scene of birth.  Natalie Noella. So cute!

For a boy….Lord help us! Chris has to go through his memory of every single person he has ever heard of, encountered, or imagine playing in the Golf Masters to see if he likes the name or not.  I’m not joking! I promised him that naming our child, say, Brad, for example does NOT mean that he will become the next Brad Pitt, nor does it mean he’ll take after the jock he knew in elementary school. As annoying as it is with him, it actually cracks me up to see him going through his list.  Not in a ‘laughing-at-him’ sort of way, but in a, “aw-that’s-so-sweet-he-cares-so-much” sort of way.  I definitely appreciate him taking it seriously. Nevertheless, I get to remind him about our old pact that we made with Nathan’s naming process, which is that since he got to name Nathan, then I get to pick a unique name for the second son, even if it’s only his middle name.

For a boy, I like Benjamin Zane.  Zane, though it sounds trendy, is actually an old name. There is a famous Author named Zane. In hebrew, it means, “God is Gracious” which is very much how I feel should we be blessed with another son. Benjamin is a family name from my Father’s side. Graham is another name we have on our list. We have plenty of time to narrow it down, but it seems like we are making good progress. 🙂



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