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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Team Bean

Sorry for such a long absence.  For the last month I’ve been holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed for my little bean to hang in there.  That’s right- I’m el preggo! I’m two months along. This time around though, the little bean came in strong and has been that way ever since. I haven’t had such a strong one since Nathan, so we were pretty hopeful about this one sticking around, and it did. Now I feel comfortable with updating my blog about this pregnancy. Hang around and I’ll briefly go over the events of the last month:

Monday, April 30th: I started randomly experiencing some menstrual-like cramping right before my ASL class was supposed to start.  My period wasn’t due for another week at least, so I immediately suspected that I must be experiencing implantation cramping.  I quickly emailed my doctor for the pregnancy-supporting progesterone prescription to be called in and started that plus blood thinning injections that evening.  I’m really glad I did. I am convinced that starting the medications so early is what allowed this little bean to stick.  It turns out that instincts are pretty handy when it comes to pregnancy and babies!

Thursday, May 3rd:  I noticed a very light line on the pregnancy test. Although I knew in my heart that I had conceived, I wanted to wait until a digital test said the words, PREGNANT.

The next day, the clearblue test said PREGNANT!!!! (Yay! I KNEW it!)

Monday, May 7th– Approximately 7 days after implantation (14 days post ovulation), I went to my doctor’s office to have a blood draw for a pregnancy test. I got the results that after noon- my beta level was 132!!! Holy cow! Anything above 5 is considered positive, so 132 is excellent!  My next blood draw is scheduled for 2 days later. The doctor wants to see my numbers double to around 264.

Two days later, Wednesday, May 9th– Beta level results came in. My doctor wanted to see my levels double, but they MORE than doubled! My beta is 422!

Tuesday, May 15th– my beta levels came in at over 4,000!!! Go BEAN! Now we just have to find out if the bean is in the right place or not.

Thursday May 17th- We have out first sonogram. We see a little sac in the right place! I’m measuring at 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. Everything is looking great!

Thursday May 24th- Another sonogram. We see a little heartbeat flickering away! Baby is measuring at 6w2d. Yay!!!

Thursday May 31- Sonogram number 3, baby looks MUCH bigger this week. His/her little heart is thundering away at 142bpm and measuring perfectly.  Yay!

Also around this time, morning sickness started rearing its ugly head every night like clockwork. At my 7 week appointment, my weight dropped from 124 to 118. I only seem to be having regular morning sickness this time around, thank goodness! I feel pretty good during the daytime, just queasy and very, very tired. At night starting around 5pm, I start feeling awful and mostly just lay around the house and being grateful for signs of pregnancy (even if the signs aren’t fun). 🙂

Here are pictures of our baby at 6 weeks and 7 weeks, respectively:


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