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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Can I mention how fabulously wonderful it is to have morning sickness? I mean that. I am tickled pink to have morning sickness, and ONLY morning sickness, this time around.  It is really weird to be past my second month of pregnancy and still able to eat and drink most of the time.  I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  I stuff myself silly when I can in the most giddy manner possible, lay around feeling green when I can’t, and smile like an idiot during both kinds of times. I love it.

With Nathan, right around this time I found myself stretched out on a hospital table having a line inserted into my heart. It was a PICC line, and it would allow me to be hooked up to IV fluids at home.  I have no doubt that the PICC line probably saved my life, I was way too dehydrated to keep going on much longer. There were a few weeks starting at week 7 where absolutely nothing could go near my mouth or I would end up heaving and vomiting bile. Even if nothing came near my mouth, heaving and vomiting 10-20 times a day, every day aside from about 6-8 weeks in the middle of pregnancy, was the norm. Hyperemesis (HG) is no fun. No fun at all. Other HG sufferers agree. I recently read that worldwide, 40-60% of HG sufferers end up aborting their babies because they can’t take the suffering anymore.

Here I am in my 8th week and not ONCE have I been to the ER.  I mean, I did have to go for bleeding issues but that had nothing to do with the actual pregnancy or vomiting. I haven’t even thrown up aside from some generous heaving every now and then.  My pouch is behaving beautifully and I am able to get plenty of sleep.  With Nathan, I felt cheated out of my first experience as a pregnant woman. I was simply too weak to go anywhere and too focused on simply existing to really enjoy the pregnancy. With this one, I am able to take my son places and dream of little toes and chubby cheeks.  I finally get to experience a normal, healthy pregnancy and I’m loving it!


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