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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Fickle Symptoms

The one good thing about having HG (hyperemesis) is that at least you feel pregnant constantly in the form of nausea and vomiting.  With this one, my symptoms have pretty much being coming and going each day. The fickle nature of this pregnancy is seriously messing with my mind. Ok…maybe the hormones aren’t helping, but still. Take today for example. I woke up feeling better than ever.  I had tons of energy and did a lot of cleaning. Two nights ago, I found myself having light cravings for dark greens with vinegar, something which tends to happen right before I miscarry.  It wasn’t nearly as strong as I tend to have before the other miscarriages, but I don’t associate the craving with anything positive happening. Also for the last two evenings, I have been craving and eating whoppers from Burger King. These whoppers have meat in them. Meat is one of my aversions, so my aversion to meat must be getting better. Also, for the last two nights I have been able to stay up later than usual, so it seems like the fatigue may be getting less. The only steady signs I have been having since 7 weeks along is regular evening nausea and feeling like my (ahem) ‘girls’ are seriously bruised.

Back to today…right after lunch the fatigue and nausea finally caught up to me.  The return of these symptoms is the only thing keeping panic at bay.  I keep telling myself that I am just having a really easy pregnancy.  I am a lot healthier starting off this time around, so maybe it is just easier on my body.  I also know that right around 9-12 weeks, the symptoms tend to start easing up a little as the placenta takes over.  I surely hope so.


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